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3 Important Things To Remember During Night Parties

There’s nothing wrong about wanting to party and have a little bit of fun before facing another week of either grueling schoolwork or stressful paperwork. In fact, it is highly recommended that we do activities outside of our daily norms that would help recharge us. However, our world isn’t as safe and secure as it used to be. Evil in many forms lurks in shadows and dark alleyways. They can even reach our homes, at times.

If you ever plan to spend some time out to have fun and dance your worries away, take to heart these three essential reminders during night parties:

1. Keep your phone with you at all times.

Keep your phones with you and not just to take hundreds of selfies and group photos. Keep your phones close so you can ask for help in the event that you will need one. When in a club or a bar or a festival, anything can happen and you will need your phone with you always to either ask for help or call family members and friends to let them know you are safe.

If you suddenly want to go home because the crowd is getting too rowdy or a stranger is getting too close, you know you can call a cab too when you have your phone with you. It’s easier to ask for help when you have the primary mode of communication right inside your pocket or your bag.

2. Never drink and drive.

The statistics are staggering. You only need to search for it on Google and you know that a lot of people have already died because of drinking and driving. Even if you only had one glass of beer or a shot of tequila, you still shouldn’t drink and drive. Even if you think you can manage to react in a flash even with the alcohol in your system, you still shouldn’t try to do it.

There’s nothing wrong with asking a friend or a family member to pick you up after you’ve gone partying. There’s nothing wrong about calling a cab when you have to go home already.

Pay the bill. Ask for favor. But never ever try to drive when you consumed alcoholic beverages.

3. Do not leave your drinks unattended.

Aside from the road, be vigilant when you’re in the bar or the club as well. These people are not your friends (they can be your friends but not for now). These are strangers who may only be thinking about themselves and may have bad intentions when they begin to talk to you.

No matter how charming that guy is or how decent-looking he is, never trust a stranger with your drink. If you have to go to the ladies’ room, bring your drink with you or finish it up before you go, but never leave it and drink it when you go back.

When you’re out there, don’t merely focus on having fun. Focus on getting home safe and in one piece.