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5 Tips For Hosting An Amazing Thanksgiving Party

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and that means hoards of people will be gathering together to celebrate the bounty of the season.

To ensure that your Thanksgiving party will be a fabulous one, here are some tips that you can follow:

1. Invite Friends and Family Who Will Get Along Well

It’s ambitious to hope that friends and family who have been quarreling for years will get along and will mend fences during this season, but that is not always possible. The truth is, those who have not spoken to each other for years will not feel obligated to talk again just because of Thanksgiving.

Don’t add stress to your get-together. Invite only those who want to see and mingle with each other.

2. Ask Your Guests About Their Allergies, Sensitivities, and Diet Restrictions

Most of us have friends and family who for ethical reasons and religious backgrounds may be averse to certain foods. They may also have food restrictions because of cultures and faiths. Whatever the reason is, it is best to avoid adding that food to your meal plan. The last thing any host or hostess wants to do is kill someone over their cooking.

As soon as you receive confirmation that the guests will be attending, ask them about any food that may be forbidden. The same goes if kids are attending the party. Make sure that there is food there that’s ideal for kids.

If some of your guests are vegans or vegetarians, simply prepare a number of dishes that will fit everyone.

3. Don’t Try to Do It All Alone

Even if you’re the one hosting the dinner, that doesn’t mean that you have to do everything by yourself. Many hosts end up frustrated because they try to handle every aspect of the celebration.

Ask help from your family and friends by delegating certain tasks to them. They’ll be surely happy to lend a hand and you can even bond as a family or group of friends over the dinner preparation. This way, everything will get done and you won’t finish the night sitting on your kitchen floor and drinking a glass of wine.

4. Keep the Children Occupied

If children are attending, make sure that they have something interesting to do. They’ll easily get bored out of their wits when the adult conversations begin.

What you can do is to create a playroom in a corner where the kids can gather and play. Make sure that the small area is packed with child-friendly activities such as color pens and coloring book, building blocks, puzzles, and many more.

5. Give the Leftovers Away

Ask your guests to bring plastic containers with them so you can give away the leftovers after the dinner unless you want to be burdened with all the food in the fridge and no time to finish them all. Most of the time, these foods just get stale and get thrown away a few days after Thanksgiving. Instead of doing that, divide the leftovers among your guests.

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3 Important Things To Remember During Night Parties

There’s nothing wrong about wanting to party and have a little bit of fun before facing another week of either grueling schoolwork or stressful paperwork. In fact, it is highly recommended that we do activities outside of our daily norms that would help recharge us. However, our world isn’t as safe and secure as it used to be. Evil in many forms lurks in shadows and dark alleyways. They can even reach our homes, at times.

If you ever plan to spend some time out to have fun and dance your worries away, take to heart these three essential reminders during night parties:

1. Keep your phone with you at all times.

Keep your phones with you and not just to take hundreds of selfies and group photos. Keep your phones close so you can ask for help in the event that you will need one. When in a club or a bar or a festival, anything can happen and you will need your phone with you always to either ask for help or call family members and friends to let them know you are safe.

If you suddenly want to go home because the crowd is getting too rowdy or a stranger is getting too close, you know you can call a cab too when you have your phone with you. It’s easier to ask for help when you have the primary mode of communication right inside your pocket or your bag.

2. Never drink and drive.

The statistics are staggering. You only need to search for it on Google and you know that a lot of people have already died because of drinking and driving. Even if you only had one glass of beer or a shot of tequila, you still shouldn’t drink and drive. Even if you think you can manage to react in a flash even with the alcohol in your system, you still shouldn’t try to do it.

There’s nothing wrong with asking a friend or a family member to pick you up after you’ve gone partying. There’s nothing wrong about calling a cab when you have to go home already.

Pay the bill. Ask for favor. But never ever try to drive when you consumed alcoholic beverages.

3. Do not leave your drinks unattended.

Aside from the road, be vigilant when you’re in the bar or the club as well. These people are not your friends (they can be your friends but not for now). These are strangers who may only be thinking about themselves and may have bad intentions when they begin to talk to you.

No matter how charming that guy is or how decent-looking he is, never trust a stranger with your drink. If you have to go to the ladies’ room, bring your drink with you or finish it up before you go, but never leave it and drink it when you go back.

When you’re out there, don’t merely focus on having fun. Focus on getting home safe and in one piece.

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How To Host A Memorable Birthday Party

When throwing a party, the first thing you have to ask yourself is how much are you willing to shell out? Do you have the funds for a Pinterest-worthy birthday party?

If we’re going to follow all the birthday party ideas from Pinterest and Instagram, we’re going to have to spend a serious amount of money on decorations alone. So the best thing to do before you begin preparing for the party is to ask yourself whether you can afford to go all out or if you prefer to have a simple one at home.

Remember that once you started planning the party, it’s hard to stop yourself from wanting it to look better or from inviting more people. But if you know what mind of budget you are working with, you will likely make the best decisions accordingly.

1. Do you want a big party?

How many guests are you planning to invite? How many of your friends are willing to spend time with you? It matters how big or small your party is going to be because of the venue, the food, and even the whole program. You can opt to serve a homecooked dinner at home and have a small party with your closest friends and family. On the other hand, if you have the money for it, you can opt to throw a big bash where you can invite even your acquaintances and your workmates. But with a big party, remember that you will have to rent a big venue, too, because your house may not exactly be able to accommodate everyone.

2. Should you do it in your home?

If you have a big house that can accommodate your planned number of guests then, by all means, do it. However, if you plan to throw a big birthday bash but your house would not be able to accommodate everyone, you should look for a venue that you can rent and where everyone will be comfortable. Also, it is beneficial to hold a party somewhere else. You can rent a nice restaurant so you don’t have to worry about cleaning the place or washing the dishes.

3. Can you DIY the decorations?

Hiring an event stylist will bring your event to life. Whatever theme you are thinking of right now, an event stylist can bring that idea into fruition. But like everything else with organizing a party, hiring an event stylist will cost a lot. If you are not ready to shell out money for this, you have to ask friends who can make decorations. There are a lot of places such as Party City and Michaels that sell decorations. Simply go to these stores and purchase the decor you need.

4. Will you provide all the drinks and decorations?

Are you going to spend on all the food, drinks, and decorations? Or is the party a potluck where guests will have to bring their own share of food and drinks? No matter what you decide on, make sure that the dishes and the drinks all match and that you consider the allergies and preferences of your guests.

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4 Things To Avoid When Organizing A Surprise Party

Planning a surprise party for a loved one? Think you’re doing a good job at it? Think again. A large number of surprises turn out not to be surprises at all because of several things: the organizer is too obvious, someone had a slip of the tongue, and the celebrant found out through credit card bills and “secret” organizers. When a surprise party gets ruined, it’s really annoying both for the organizer and the celebrant. The organizer, of course, spent a lot of time planning the party while the celebrant, even after finding out about the surprise, would have wanted to be surprised in the first place.

If you want to make sure that your surprise party is successful, you need to be extra careful in terms of planning the party, inviting the guests, paying the bills, reserving the place, and even dropping hints to get an idea of what the celebrant wants. Here are four things we should avoid when planning a surprise party for a loved one:

1. Telling Everyone About Your Plans

Be careful who you tell your plans to. Even if you think that a person is ultra-secretive and can keep this away from the guest of honor, try not to tell him anything unless it is absolutely necessary. The more people know about the plans, the bigger the possibility of the surprise getting ruined. If you need help from friends, make sure to keep the group small and intimate. Don’t get into the habit of telling everyone what you’re planning and expecting them to keep that a secret.

2. Asking the Celebrant a Lot of Questions

You may be wondering what the celebrant wants for the party. In turn, you may be asking the person questions that could give hints about what you are planning. Some obvious examples are: “What are your plans for your birthday?,” “Do you like surprises?,” and “Which do you prefer: to celebrate at home or in a restaurant?” These questions are too obvious and will lead the celebrant to think you have something up your sleeve. This will easily ruin the surprise both for you and the celebrant.

3. Leaving Your Bills Where the Celebrant Can See Them

If you are living with the celebrant, the intended recipient of the surprise, chances are your things will mix in with that person. Don’t go leaving your receipts and your bills in the common areas of the house. Leave the receipts in your work desk or make sure that they are kept where the celebrant doesn’t usually go poking around. Once the celebrant finds it, he/she would instantly get an idea of what you’re keeping from him/her. Or worse, he/she will jump to the wrong conclusions and you would be forced to explain what’s up thus, ruining the entire plan.

4. Posting Hints on Social Media

You may be getting too excited and decide to post on social media that something is up. Even if you try to camouflage it with “it’s work-related,” a smart celebrant will think twice about what’s keeping you busy and excited the past days. If you truly can’t keep the secret to yourself anymore, choose someone you can trust who you can share this excitement with but never post it on social media.

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5 Tips To Prevent A Disaster During A Child’s First Birthday Party

Your little one’s first birthday party is fast approaching and you are at the planning stage for the best first birthday party ever. Although you may want to follow every Pinterest post for an elaborate birthday party, you may want to take it easy on yourself and just keep your party simple, unique, and close-knit.

Most of all, you might want to make sure that your little one will enjoy his or her first birthday. Your child will unlikely remember it, but make sure to take as many photos as you can.

1. Limit the Guest List

You have to choose between an elaborate and grand first birthday party or a simple one with close family and friends. You may want to keep it small for a first birthday because remember, your baby won’t remember it. This is particularly important if your child isn’t accustomed to big and noisy crowds. The baby may end up being cranky all night.

2. Plan Around Your Baby’s Naptime

A first birthday party will have to happen during the day or the afternoon. It definitely cannot be an evening event since your baby is tired and sleepy by that time. You, of all people, should know your baby’s naptime schedule. Work around it and plan the party after the child’s nap. That way, your kid won’t cranky and will have enough energy to entertain your guests. In addition, remember that the party should only last about two to three hours. Anything more than that will be too tiring for your baby and your little one will not enjoy it.

3. Do Not Schedule It After the Child’s Vaccines

You may want to throw the party before your child’s 12-month doctor’s visit for the one-year inoculations. Most babies are extra cranky and out of sorts for a few days after receiving their vaccinations. Wait for a week after the kid turns one year old before throwing the party. This will make sure that your baby is in the best mood.

4. Accommodate Kids of All Ages

It’s easy to prepare food for the adults. You know what they want. They can have pasta, roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, and veggies. You’ll be all good. Kids are different. Every child has a different preference than the next kid, so you have to think what all of them will like. Think pizza, chicken, ice cream, and spaghetti. Maybe you’ll be safe with those. You may also want to include snacks that kids particularly like such as those fruit-and-veggie squeeze pouches. You may need to babyproof your house or make sure that the event place will have a facility for changing diapers too.

5. Take Pictures Before the Party

Once the decorations are all set and before the chaos begins, take lots of photos of your baby. When the guests start arriving, you will be busy hosting and mingling with the adults. Furthermore, your baby might be overwhelmed by all the commotion, and the kid may end up being cranky when the pictures are about to get taken. Surely, you don’t want your child’s first birthday photos to be taken while he or she is crying or throwing a tantrum.

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Successfully Throwing A Memorable Bridal Shower Party For Your Friend

A bridal shower is a fun and celebratory party for someone who’s going to tie the knot soon. It is usually thrown by the bride’s maid of honor, though it is also customary these days for the bride’s family to host the party. This is also a practical opportunity for guests and the bride’s friends and families to shower her with attention, pamper her, and give her presents.

Are you a maid of honor planning a bridal shower for your sister, cousin, friend, or relative? Before planning a party in honor of the bride, you must first ask the bride if she wants to have one. Some brides are uncomfortable about having a party thrown in their honor because they feel greedy asking their friends to buy gifts for them or shell out money for the party. Some also don’t like the attention because they feel smothered.

If the bride says yes and she wants to have a bridal shower, then, by all means, go and throw a party for her before she leaves the single life. You can either surprise her with a bridal shower or you can let her know that you’re throwing a party. Either way, you’re going to have to spend a little more money than a simple dinner would require from you.

Choose the Guests

Who should you invite for the party? You need to know from the bride who she wants to see during her bridal shower. If it’s not a surprise party, then she will be willing to disclose the information to you.

However, the problem is if it’s a surprise party. How would you know who she likes to see there? Well, this is where the groom must come in. Since the bride is spending her time with him for the wedding preparations, he has the perfect opportunity to ask the bride about her “dream bridal shower.” He can share this information with you and you will have to directly contact each individual.

Decide Who Pays for the Party

Normally, it is the maid of honor who pays for the whole party. That is if it’s a casual party and only appetizers and some drinks will be served. But if it’s a more formal and lavish party, the maid of honor can ask the rest of the guests to pay for their own food and drinks. The guests can even be asked to bring a present from the bride, either from the registry created by the bride or something they think the bride will like.

Pick the Time and Place

If there are plenty of out-of-town guests, then the bridal shower must be held closer to the wedding date when everyone is in town already. But remember not to hold it too close to the actual date because that will add more stress for the bride.

She must be relaxing and having a massage days before the wedding date. Holding the bridal shower six to eight weeks before the wedding date is usually a good rule of thumb. It adds anticipation but it does not stress the bride.

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Things To Consider During Food Tasting For A Party

What’s a party without stacks and stacks of food for your guests to devour? The best parties are always those with great food and drinks. Think about any parties you have attended. What stands out the most about them? What will remind you about a wedding party, for example? Aside from the overall look of the venue, the food will always be the measurement of how successful a party has become. If the guests can remember the food because it floored them then trust us, you have just hosted one hell of a party.

Before you can begin imagining serving your guests with tasty food, all will have to start with choosing the right caterer for your party. One of the things you have to do before agreeing to enter into a contract with a caterer is a food tasting. You have to know which dishes to serve and if they taste good at all.

The Presentation

How do you want to serve your food? Is it going to be a sit-down dinner or is it going to be buffet style? A sit-down dinner would be more expensive because the caterer has to deploy a lot more servers. On the other hand, a buffet-style party is more informal but less expensive because there will be a minimal need for servers. This will all depend on your party and how formal or informal it is. Formal events would always choose a sit-down dinner while less formal events would go for the buffet-style dinner since their guests can come back for serving after serving.

But even if it’s going to be a buffet-style party, it’s important that the food will be presented beautifully on the plate. Remember that we are visual people and before anything else, we will eat with our eyes. We will first devour the details of the dish with our eyes. That was the first step. Once this hurdle has been solved, the only thing you would have to worry about is marketing your business on social media.

Speaking of social media, the reason why you need to plate and present the food well is because people like taking photos of the food they eat. They then upload those photos on social media where they will likely be seen by the same people who could be in your target market.

The Taste

Of course, the taste of the food is the most critical aspect of preparing and organizing a party. Your guests will be talking about the food, possibly for days, if it’s extremely bad or extremely good. What you don’t want is to fall on the extremely bad and mediocre. You need to focus on providing your guests the best hors d’oeuvres they can possibly imagine. You need to wow them the first moment they take a bite of that salmon toast.

Hands down, the best thing you could offer your guests during a party is to serve them great food. They will leave your party full and satisfied with what they had. And knowing that will give you a sense of confidence in your ability to organize an event.

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8 Rules For Finding A Caterer That Suits Your Wedding Party

The food that you will serve at your wedding will be one of the main topics of conversation among your guests. That’s why brides are always pressured to provide the best food for their party guests. Some brides are lucky to have a wedding venue that provides on-site caterer while other brides need to find a separate caterer.

Finding the right caterer is one of the most overwhelming decision to make for your wedding. Here are eight rules for finding a caterer:

1. Figure Out Your Budget

You can make a shortlist of caterers depending on your budget. If you know you cannot afford a particular caterer, then don’t email that company. Figure out how much you can spend on food and drinks—from the appetizers to the cocktails. When you provide your caterer with your budget, they can personalize and tailor-fit the menu for you.

2.Ask Suggestions and Recommendations From the Venue

Most venues will have a list of preferred vendors and suppliers. Ask your venue if they have caterers they can recommend to you. If the venue management and caterer know each other, there’s a big chance that they will work more harmoniously.

3. Get Multiple Proposals

You must be able to compare and contrast the cost, and the only way you can do that is to get multiple proposals from different caterers. You can then differentiate the menu, the service, and the prices. It is also important to provide the caterer the final headcount of your guests, so they know how much they should prepare in terms of food and how many people they need to deploy to your venue.

4. Ask About Linens and Dinnerware

Your venue might not provide tables, chairs, linens, and dinnerware. If that is the deal, you need to ask your caterer to provide these items. This may cost an extra fee, but maybe you can negotiate well with the caterer.

5. Communication is the Key

How the food taste is the most critical part of a caterer’s job, but how they treat their clients is even more important. If the company is slow at getting back to you with the information you need, maybe they are not the right caterer for you. Consider crossing them off the list of your preferred suppliers.

6. Arrange for Food Tastings

Now that you have a shortlist of caterers, you can schedule food tasting with each of the service providers. You cannot sign the contract without having a sample of their food. After all, they are going to serve this to your guests, so you have to know how delicious (or not) it is.

7. Read Reviews

This is one of the first steps you need to take when choosing a caterer—read reviews about the company you want to hire because these testimonials would tell you a lot of things about the quality of the food and the service.

8. Sign the Contract and Choose the Menu

Read the contract thoroughly and as soon as you understood every little detail, sign on the dotted line. After that, choose your menu and coordinate the motif of your wedding and other details the caterer needs to know. It’s important to always work as early as possible to give yourself more time to deal with future problems (as they arise).

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How To Plan A Successful Surprise Party

Is someone in your life deserving of a surprise party? Does he or she like to be surprised? The best surprise parties start off as being ultra-sneaky and involve only a handful of people at the beginning stages. It should be a total secret, hello? If you are planning a surprise party for your special someone, take this guide to heart and follow it for a successful planning.

Be Sure Your Guest of Honor Welcomes a Surprise Party

There may be two reasons why a person does not want a surprise party: one, he/she likes being prepared and two, he/she doesn’t like thinking you have forgotten his/her birthday. You can address both by telling him/her a story where someone was unprepared and dressed wrong for a surprise party (so, maybe there could be a little hint there) and greeting him/her in advance before the actual day.

Choose a Date and Place

When it comes to picking a date, choose a date that will fall before the occasion because your guest of honor might have something else planned for his/her actual birthday or anniversary, etc. You also need to consider the availability of your other invitees. Notify them secretly in advance, so you are sure they can come to the party. As for the place, pick a restaurant or a bar that your guest of honor frequents. If you will tell him/her that you are going to the nicest place in town, he/she will get instantly suspicious.

Invite the Guests

Before inviting the guests, you have to decide if it’s going to be a small or a big party. If it’s a small party, you need less money for the food and drinks and the secret won’t spill easily. However, some people might get offended that they are not invited and a small surprise party is less impressive than a large one. If it’s going to be a big surprise party, word might get out and it might spoil the surprise. But with enough careful planning, the guest of honor will be floored by seeing everyone he/she loves in one room.

Tell People Individually

The hardest part about planning a surprise party is keeping it from the guest of honor. It’s also difficult to keep people you don’t want out of the party, to stop people from making plans with the guest of honor, and to not offend those who are not invited. To avoid these issues, tell people individually either face-to-face or via phone or text. Make sure they understand the concept behind the surprise party and emphasize the importance of keeping the information to themselves. If they have questions, tell them to ask you about them.

Make Plans with the Guest of Honor

To make sure that your guest of honor is available on that day, make plans with them ahead of time. Of course, you don’t have to tell them there’s a party for them. That will ruin the surprise, duh! You can, however, make other plans like take them out to dinner and movie or even plan to go shopping together. To preserve the element of surprise and to make sure nothing will ruin the surprise, tell other people (even those who are not invited to the party) not to make other plans with your guest of honor (because you’re doing something special for him/her on that day).

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How To Choose A Live Band For A Wedding Party

So, you have come to decide that a live band is what you want for your wedding. This is the source of entertainment you think would encourage guests to fire up the dance floor. You want a live performance of the special songs that celebrate your love as a couple. You have eyed a number of bands that perform in your area, but are they good enough? Will you regret hiring them? Would they make an impact on your party? Should you just choose a DJ?

Having second thoughts about hiring a band to perform at your wedding is normal. You want only the best for your wedding and for your guests. You want to lose yourself in this special moment and not have to worry about the quality of music being aired. Yet, as a bride or a groom, you cannot help but worry whether you are making the right choice.

1. Watch their performances on YouTube

YouTube, as you know, is a treasure trove of all things videos—may that be music, commercials, movie scenes, trailers, etc. This is where you can find virtually everything you need to watch. If your band is even half as good as they claim to be, their videos would be on YouTube—either uploaded by them or by fans who have come to watch them play. Watch plenty of their videos and see if they have that style and that bravado that you are looking for in your band.

2. Look at what past clients are saying.

These videos would have comments. See what their past clients are saying about their experiences with the band. If the band has its own Facebook page, which it should, past customers would gather there to give them a rating or to provide a written review of them. Learn to distinguish between real reviews and ones that were written either out of spite or by someone the band requested to do so. Real reviews would include a timeline of how events transpired. They would even have a specific song that they would glow about.

3. Watch them perform live

Check out their website or their Facebook page. Where are they performing in the next couple of weeks? Can you go check them out during one of these events? See that the event is open for public (you don’t want to gatecrash a private event, of course) and check out how this band performs live. Some bands do not sound nearly as good live as they do on videos. Make sure you won’t fall into the trap.

4. Have them sing your “anthem”.


Surely, you have a theme song with your partner; a song that reminds you of the love that you share. When you watch the band perform, maybe you can request for them to try singing your anthem and see if they can give justice to the original song. This is important since this song might just be the song that will play during your first dance. Once they’ve hit the right notes, then it’s time to consider signing them up.