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Best Beverages to Serve During a Bachelorette Party

Every bride-to-be’s journey won’t be complete if she doesn’t have a bachelorette party. This can be voluntarily hosted by her maid of honor along with her bridesmaids. It’s kind of like the last hurrah before tying up the know with her forever love.

A girls’ night out won’t hurt and this party can be enjoyed in so many ways. One way of keeping the party alive is to have drinks of course.

Ladies seldom drink, but whenever they do, let’s just say that by the end of the night, the quiet ones usually end up being the loudest, you know what I mean. If you are one of the lucky girls who have been chosen to be the maid of honor and you want to throw your sister or bestfriend an amazing party, then read on.

Drinks keep guests from being bored. However, you also don’t want to see everyone drop dead drunk when the party has just started.

1. Tequila Shots

A party is nothing if it does not involve doing tequila shots. This, serve in a nice shot glass, is a nice dare that you can orchestrate for the bride-to-be. To add up some heat, do Tequila body shots.

There are a lot of varieties that are out in the market, one of the most popular brands of Tequila commonly used in bars and in parties is the El Destilador Blanco Tequila. It’s common and it is also pocket friendly.

If you want to take it up a notch when it comes to price, you can always go for the Patron. After this, your bride will surely be ever daring and having lots of fun, and the night has just begun.

2. Margarita

Ladies, as much as we want to let loose and have fun, we always like to look poised and made up. If Tequila shots are too daring or too strong for the other quests, they can always choose to drink the ever popular Margarita.

It is a lady’s favorite and is always served in bars all over the world. Make sure you hire an experienced bartender! This drink is perfect for any kind of theme, from formal to super laid back.

3. Martini

Another party favorite is the Martini. Great for girls who want to have fun but maintains a classy attitude. Your guest can choose to have it dry, shaken, and dirty, whichever way they prefer.

This drink is good for black and white or formal themed bachelorette parties wherein guests stand poised with their LBD’s talking and socializing. If you want to order this in the bar, make sure you know what to say, make the bartender think that you know what you want.

4. Moscow Mule

I have to say, this one is a favorite. If you are organizing a rustic themed bachelorette party, Moscow Mule is a must in your beverage list.

This one is so easy to mix and make. You won’t need a bartender to make this one for you and for your guests. All you need is of course, vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer.

Best served with ice in a rustic looking copper mug and garnished with a slice of lime. Ain’t this drink a beauty or not? This is cool for those who have a low tolerance for alcohol and who just want to take small sips throughout the night.

5. Gin and Tonic

We wouldn’t forget about this one of course. It is probably every girls favorite not only during parties but just during regular visits to the bar after a long days work.

This drink is simple and can be made easily even without the help of a bartender. Like the Moscow Mule, this one is perfect for those who just want to chill out and not end up all dizzy and groggy the following day.

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5 Best Party Themes for Millennials

Gone were the days of the Generation X. The millennials have now risen and they are starting trend after trend. Therefore, it is important to know the best party themes for millennials.

They live a fast paced life, they rely mostly on their high-tech gadgets, and of course, their styles are just above the roof. One thing they love to do is to socialize and party.

Each individual in this generation live a unique lifestyle that pairs up with their personality. It may be minimalist or rustic, simple or lavish. Either way, the way they celebrate is way more different than how we used to before. They mostly stick to themes and start from there. They have themes for office parties, get togethers, and more.

If you are planning a party in the days to come, then this article is for you.

1. Outdoor Rustic Theme

Nothing beats an outdoor feel paired with a warm and cozy atmosphere. It gives you a sensual and homey feeling. The rustic theme, though old and have been practiced for a long time, have captured the attention of millennials. They just take it to a whole new level of course.

A rustic themed party starts with a great location. You can choose an old barn, a family vineyard, or a house near a lake. Vintage light decors and utensils are the go-to for this kind of themes such as the ever popular mason jars, naked cakes, pastel colored napkins and cloths, stringed lights, and if you are a sentimental type, you can even rent a vintage photo booth.

2. Black and White Party

Who could go wrong with the black and white party? Just like the rustic themed party, this one has also been practiced long before the millennials were born. This one is probably the most common party theme ever. This theme is ideal for those who live a minimalist life. It is simple yet elegant.

Most locations chosen for this kind of soiree are rooftops, elegant restaurants, and ballrooms. Champagne is a must. All attendees are dressed to impress. For the ladies, this is your chance to bring out that LBD, and for the gentlemen, a tuxedo.

3. Laid Back Frat Party

Let’s face it, college life was indeed cooler than high school life. Remember your first night when you and your dorm buddies are heading out to those rush parties? This theme is for those who just want to enjoy and not have a care in the world. This fits any budget too because you can always customize.

You can have this in your own home or in a lake house. Beers, beers, and more beers are the standard requirement. Great music played in booming speakers.

The dress code? None. You can practically wear anything, jeans, shirt, converse shoes and you are good to go. You and your friends can play beer pong and dance until the morning comes. Just don’t blame anyone for your hangover the next day.

4. Beach or Hampton Theme

Perfect for spring break or during summer. The beach theme can be considered laid back but if you want to take it up another notch, you can switch to the Hampton Theme. It is formal and quieter. Ready the white and blue colored cloths for the decors. A variety of drinks can be served and waiters holding different appetizers are a must.

5. Retro-Themed Parties

Making the list is the retro party. Though some millennials cringe with the idea of having to party like the 60’s, this theme is still favored by many. This one is common for office parties and for those young ones who just like the fashion and aura of the oldies.

Hippie clothes, check! Booze, and classic music, check! Locations can either be in an open field, or in a ballroom. This maybe different from how millennials live their lives but, rocking a vintage outfit, is part of the game as well, and most of them are always up to the challenge when it comes to dressing up.

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Important Things to Remember When Choosing The Right Party Venue

One of the important things to consider when you are about to host a party is the budget and the location. Of course, how can you expect a party to be successful if you and your visitors are cramped in a bad party venue?

Choosing the right party venue is essential because you want all your guest to enjoy and also feel comfortable. If you have your budget fixed, the next thing to do is to find the ideal location. If you are stressing out about it, then perhaps the tips below can help you out.

1. Budget

Occasions can differ from small gatherings to large and lavish ones. The first and most important thing to do is to get the overall budget you would want to spend for your party. There are a lot of locations that are cheap, but yes, cheap also comes with a price.

Check every corner of the room so that you will know if you are indeed paying what’s worth. Never choose a location just because it saves you pennies. If cheap is your goal, make sure that you are getting more than what you’ve paid for. If you are all about the lavish celebrations and money does not concern you, still, it wouldn’t hurt if you have to check every corner of the room.

2. Theme of the Party

When you are with your party planner or organizer, and he suggests a certain type of venue, envision it being adorned with decor lights or according to your chosen theme. Is the venue too big or to small? Take for example a rustic wedding reception, then perhaps a big barn or a big lake house would be nice. Imagine all the props, flowers, candles, and tables being placed in the space. The theme should always match the venue.

3. Number of Guests

You should always take into consideration the type of party you are hosting. Is it an intimate one or a lavish celebration? Of course, if you are planning a big formal party then choose a big ballroom. You can’t have your guest all cramped up in a small space. Tables and chairs should be well arrange giving your friends and loved ones enough space to socialize and dance.

4. Safety and Location

If you are planning to have a destination wedding, make sure that your guests are well informed when it comes to the location. Is it too far for the majority of your guests or not? Consider the ones who live far away or for those who cannot travel for safety reasons. Find a venue that is safe and danger free. Perhaps one that is closest to a hospital in case of emergencies. Party locations must not be in an isolated area. Always consider you and your guests’ safety.

5. Accommodations and Amenities

The most common amenities are the rest rooms. Every guest will always touch up and use the comfort rooms. Make sure that the venue you choose is equipped with a rest room that is clean and has a good amount of running water. If you choose to rent a ballroom for your soiree then perhaps you could check if it has a good bar for a bartender who is qualified to serve a variety of drinks. If you choose to rent an open rooftop, then consider the establishment’s plan in case a bad weather comes, let’s say a heavy rain.

Sound system must never be forgotten. How can you party if you do not have the right speakers and mic? Make sure that you are getting what you are paying for. All equipment that comes along with the venue must be in good condition.

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Top 5 Ways on How to Break Into High Society Parties

Most of us dream about getting into high society parties. Well, who could refuse attending an event with their celebrity idols and all-too-important people in our society anyway?

Recently, I dug into the archives of Sun Sentinel and uncovered an article related to this subject dating back to 1988, which was made by the late Martha Gross who dedicated her career in covering the thrilling lives of the privileged people in our society.

I have streamlined the information gathered to feature these five things that you must do if you wish to land into one of the high society parties.

1. Get a Mentor

The best and fastest way to get yourself into those events is to have a mentor who will guide you through. There are actually people who make a living as social movers. Those persons will introduce you to the famous people in your community, which will be your ticket to entering into high society gatherings.

2. Be Active in Community Gatherings

Hiring a mentor could be expensive. An alternative for you is to get yourself to join important community gatherings. You have high chances of meeting people with high status in church assemblies and charity events.

Just make sure though that you show the most pure intentions of joining the said meetings. Don’t be there merely to suck your way up to those people as they will likely notice your intent right away and you will certainly lose your chances of getting into their good graces.

If you are not comfortable with the idea of joining church and charity events, there are always alternatives. You could take part in recreational or sporting events joined by a high society member.

3. Answer Invitations Promptly

If you are lucky enough to get invited into high society parties, respond right away. This is especially true with RSVP invitations. You have to answer it within 24 hours and never put “Maybe” in it. Tell straight if you are going or not.

4. Always Be Mindful of Your Words and Actions

Earlier we have discussed the 10 ways on how to behave in a party as a guest. Make sure you keep in mind the Do’s and Dont’s presented there. Always arrive on time, be nice, dress properly, mingle well, mind your table manners, assist in the event, avoid gossips and bringing up sensitive issues, do not leave so soon, and always thank the hosts for inviting you.

Another thing you should note is to never push your way into a party if you are not invited. There will always be a next time anyway where you will finally have your chance to join. Forcing your way in will not only gain the ire of the organizers and guests but you will also be blacklisted in other events.

5. Live Within the High Society Ranks

If you have a lot of money to spare, buy a home within the neighborhood of high society members. In that way, you will have a lot of ways and chances to interact with them or to the people who will later introduce you to them.

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3 Potential Dangers of Offering Fidget Spinners as Party Favors

Fidget spinners are popular nowadays especially to kids. Oftentimes, because they are popular, cheap and easy to pack, they are offered as party favors. However, there is also a growing alarm over the potential dangers that these toys can cause.

Forbes recently pointed out the fidget spinner hazards that are often overlooked. Below are the top three possible problems caused by these toys:

1. Chocking Hazard

Choking is one of the major causes of deaths in children. Unfortunately, some of these popular toys have been attributed to mortality in kids.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has already warned people about it. They recommended makers of fidget spinners to include warning labels in their products because children three to six might swallow small parts or portions of the toys that have the tendency to break off.

The source said two cases have been listed by the organization related to this matter. One involves a 10-year-old who accidentally swallowed a part of the toy when she placed it in her mouth while cleaning it. Another was a five-year-old boy who proceeded to put the object in his mouth despite his mother’s warning. Both survived the ordeal after a surgery.

2. Sharp Edges

US Toy Standard added that some fidget spinners being sold without undergoing quality check may have uneven or sharp edges. These will likely cause minor, serious or fatal cuts.

3. Poisonous Substances

The article cautions too about fidget spinners that have poisonous chemicals mixed in them like mercury or lead. Mercury, lead or other harmful elements have the tendency to cause serious illness or even death. The substances may result to long term health problems too.

The post specifically warned readers against buying fidget spinners with lights. Sure, they may be visually-attractive and fun to play, but the button batteries fitted in them can be harmful if exposed to the skin or even deadly when ingested unintentionally.


The writer advises readers to follow these tips when offering fidget spinners as party favors and when letting kids play them:

1. Buy From a Reliable Seller

Only buy from sellers legally-authorized to sell fidget spinners. Don’t just go buying them from anyone else. Chances are, you might be exposing kids to harm if you come across defective products. See the label that comes in the package of the toy and the name of its maker. There should be badges as well that indicate whether they have been created in compliance to the regulations provided by federal laws.

2. Check for Quality

Make sure to check the quality of the toy before purchasing it or giving it to kids. Examine the material used in the product. Then check for sharp edges and breakable parts. If the fidget spinner uses a button battery, make sure it is locked in place properly and sealed within a battery compartment.

3. Avoid Giving It to Children Under Three

Fidget spinners should not be given to children under three in any circumstances. There are a lot of more suitable toys appropriate for their age.

4. Children Three to Six Must Play It Under Adult Supervision

Accidents happen like the ones discussed here. Make sure that children will not put the toy in their mouths.

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5 Reasons Not to Give Away Birthday Party Favors Anymore

Birthday party favors have become a staple. Whenever there’s a birthday, expect your kids to be bringing home a goody bag packed with candies, chocolates and very small toys.

While this has been a norm—and I confess that I am one of those who offer birthday party favors—some parents advise against them. Based on my readings and asking other parents about it, these are the 5 reasons they told me why we should not consider giving away birthday party favors anymore.

1. “They Add to the Budget.”

Having a birthday party will let you spend on the cake, other foods, drinks and balloons. In some cases, you might even consider renting a venue to save you from the trouble of cleaning up the mess if the party was held in your home. Add to that the pay when hiring performers or a host if you wish to make the event really fun. Offering birthday party favors will just bloat your expenses, especially when you have a lot of guests.

2. “Some children will not appreciate what’s inside anyway.”

Some children may have already received the same toys you have put in their party bags or the content may not be appealing to them. In the end, not only will you disappoint them, but chances are, your party favor might only hit the trash can once they arrive in their homes.

3. “It is unhealthy.”

Other parents, particularly the health conscious ones, dread those small candies and chocolates packed in their children’s party favors. As we all know, too much of these sweets can result to toothaches or if the child has a pre-existing health condition such as diabetes, it could definitely cause harm to them.

4. “Small contents can potentially cause harm.”

Among the all-too-familiar stuff we see in our kid’s party favors are those small toys, keychains or the ever-popular fidget spinners. You should be very careful when putting them in your take home bags. Some toys contain small parts that can lead to choking, which is one of the primary causes of deaths in small children. Then others that haven’t undergone proper quality control or were made without compliance to federal regulations may contain chemical substances which may cause illnesses or fatality. Moreover, there are toys with sharp or uneven edges that can result to minor or serious cuts.

5. “They will just add up to waste.”

Last but not least, parents usually find the small candies, chocolates and miniature toys scattered over their kids’ rooms or in the living room. In the end, these will just find their way into the belly of a vacuum cleaner and eventually into the garbage bin.

My Thoughts

Many parents, including me, still believe that birthday party favors are essential. Majority of the parents I talked with about the matter said that children deserve goody bags as they won’t be little kids forever.

Perhaps one way to avoid having your kid’s birthday party favor turning up into trash as soon as the guest brings it home is to provide them with useful stuff. Go for the educational toys or those that hone their skills like Rubik’s Cube, mini-books or other art supplies.

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5 Helpful Tips About Planning a Kiddie Party

There are many ways of planning a kiddie party. While we could not list everything here, it is important to know the basic stuff in order for the event to be successful and memorable to the celebrant and guests.

Check out these 5 essential tips that will help you in planning an awesome kiddie party:

Tip Number 1: Prepare in Advance

Preparation a week before the party makes a huge difference compared to cramming two to three days before the event comes. The most ideal time to prepare is one to two weeks prior to the date. That duration will allow you to think better as well as have enough time to compare prices of party supplies, buy supplies in advance and make adjustments to the decorations or activities as you see fit. These will let you save a significant amount of cash and lessen the stress that comes along with organizing a party.

Tip Number 2: Visualize the Theme

Make sure that the venue is visually enticing upon entering the place. See to it that the decorations go harmoniously with each other and fit for the theme. Pay special attention to the things that make immediate impact like the colors of the tablecloth, banners, arrangement of furniture, food presentation and cake. Remember that first impressions are important, so pour effort into these.

It should be reminded that children are easy to please anyway, so you do not have to stress yourself too much on this matter. You can choose among the celebrant’s favorite cartoon shows or movies and then incorporate the characters into your decors.

Tip Number 3: Think Outside the Box

Having a party does not limit you to shopping in the party supplies section of the store only. There are many ways to make the event enjoyable by exploring other activities that the children will surely love. Examples include setting up an inflatable kiddie pool, organizing coloring activities, coaching kids how to craft, coming up with parlor games, playing ball games, role playing, book reading and many more.

Tip Number 4: Always Get the Balloons

A kiddie party will never be complete without the presence of balloons. These are simple and cheap but they never fail to put life into every event. Put some of them in the floor, line up the walls with them or just tie the strings of those helium-inflated types in certain locations. Children can play with them at the party and even take them home after as party favors. You will certainly never go wrong with balloons.

Tip Number 5: Buy Reusable Items

If you are expecting to throw parties every now and then, it would be wise to invest in reusable items. Buy reusable cupcake stands, serving trays, banners, plastic figurines, posters, curtains, kiddie chairs, plastic tables and other stuff that you can utilize again in the future. Ensure that the materials are high-quality for you to make the most out of them, and most importantly, the materials used in the mentioned products should be safe for children.

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How to Pick a DJ for Your Party

What makes a great party? In addition to the amazing venue, delicious foods, chilling beverages and wonderful hosts, music is what makes a party alive. Music might even be the first thing that will come into your mind when preparing a party.

To ensure that you are playing the right music in your party, you should have the right DJ for it. There are several factors that you have to consider when choosing one. So here are quick tips on how to pick a DJ for your party to make sure that all your guests, including you, will have fun.

1. Know the Different Kinds of DJs

Not all DJs are the same. There are some who specialize only in a certain genre. Then there are those who are more comfortable playing at specific events like weddings, birthdays, club parties, bar mitzvah, church fellowship, and others.

For example, club DJs are good at hyping the crowd simply by the music that they play. They don’t need to speak much, but they do know how to keep the crowd moving to their feet. They are ideal in house parties.

There are the emcees too who are not just good at picking the right music for the party, but they are also responsible in managing the conduct of its different activities or programs. They are basically good talkers who could deliver speeches when needed. In addition, they are the ones who handle announcements and they serve as the guide of the guests to make the entire event enjoyable for everyone.

2. Pick Someone with a Good Reputation

Another factor that you have to consider when picking a DJ is that person’s reputation. Does the person arrive on time during events? Does he have the kind of personality and skill that the crowd will love? Does he have his own equipment? Is he worth the pay?

Evaluate him using the feedbacks of his past clients and those who witnessed him perform before. If feedbacks are not readily available, check his portfolio. See to it that he has  a lot of experience in his field.

3. A Well-Rounded DJ is Highly Recommended

There are exceptional DJs out there who are considered to be the jack of all trades in their field. They could produce great mixes while being an emcee at the same time plus they are ideal for every occasion.

One example of an individual who can do just that is DJ C-Zer. This guy has been in the business for 21 years. For one to last that long means he has skills, people love him and he has a good working history.

DJ C-zer can be booked simply sending him a message through his website. You do not have to worry about setting up his stuff as he comes well-prepared for every gig.

You can check out his pictures using his Instagram profile. A link to it should be available in his website.

It is with guys like him where you can definitely get your money’s worth.

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10 Ways on How to Behave in a Party as a Guest

A party is a good place to relax, have fun and expand your social circle. Just like in every event, there are certain things to follow on how to behave in a party.

Check out these 10 ways on how to behave in a party you are attending as a guest ensure that you will enjoy the event and give out a lasting impression to the host and other people present there.

1. Arrive on Time

You do not have to go to the venue an hour before it starts but do not be so late, but be on time. If it can’t be avoided and you have a good reason to be late, try to be at the party within an hour after it starts. Be reminded though that if it is a wedding, launching, opening, birthday or any other special event, be there on time or at least before the party starts.

2. Bring Out the Pleasing Vibes

Leave your emotional baggage at home and put on your best party face. Showing everyone that you are in a good mood will surely spoil all the fun for them too.

3. Dress Accordingly

If it is a special gathering like a wedding, religious event or any similar functions, be in your formal attire. If that’s not the case, be in your casual clothing, unless you are attending a costume party.

4. Bring a Gift

Although you are not obligated to do this, it would be a great deal for the hosts or the celebrant at the party if you bring a present. It does not have to be fancy as long as it is appropriate.

5. Mingle

A party is a nice way for you to widen your circle of friends or acquaintances. Do not concentrate on just the people that you know, take an extra effort to reach out to the other guests also.

6. Mind Your Table Manners

Do not rush to the food, take time to explore the place and get along with the other guests. Then while eating, observe proper table etiquette. Examples are not talking while your mouth is full and avoid spilling some sauce in your clothes.

7. Assist in Any Way You Can

Even if you are not required to, try offering food or drinks to people and help out to those who seem to be having problems during the event.

8. Avoid Sensitive Issues

When in a discussion, avoid sensitive issues like religion or politics. Be mindful that not everybody shares your beliefs. Respect their views as you want them to respect yours. The best way to do that is to simply stay away from those topics.

9. Do Not Leave So Soon

Try to stay for the whole duration of the party. Have fun and try to fight the urge to leave early. Consider the effort that the hosts have put into the event.

10. Don’t Forget to Say “Thank You”

Do not forget to say “Goodbye” and “Thank you” to the host. Leaving them a compliment would not hurt as well.

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Party Poopers: Things They Do During Gatherings

A man is a social being, and parties are the highest embodiment of socialization. It is created for the extroverts to have fun and for the introverts to let loose and step out of their circle. We throw parties because we want to celebrate, and we want to keep in touch with our friends. It brings people together and gives you that feeling of excitement, belongingness, self-confidence, and further enlarges your network of friends. While not everyone is excellent at planning these events, it sure feels good to be invited into one. But in every party, it cannot simply be avoided that a party pooper attends. You might even ask for the entire evening “Who invited them?”

While you’re busy catching up with your old friends and having fun, these people simply don’t give an ounce of care, and they might not even know why they attended. Party poopers don’t know that they are fun exterminators. Their best defense is “I’m not a party pooper.” And are you really sure you aren’t? This blog post will shed light of the most common things these people do. It might be your friend or it might be you so here it goes:

1. Socializes more with his phone than his peers.

All their friends in high school are throwing out their cell phones for the night just to let loose. Meanwhile, a party pooper has his nose stuck on his phone tweeting every single moment happening in the event like he’s some kind of news reporter paid to do so. The rudest thing they will ever do is cut you off in the middle of a conversation and start sending texts while you’re in the climax of your story.

2. Prefers to sit at the corner and mind other people’s business.

They like to stay at one place and reject all forms of help to be one with the crowd. And you know what’s worse than a party pooper? Party poopers. When they clump into groups, all they do is talk about other people who attended the party judging how they look, what happened to them in the last five years, the abortion rumor, all gossip! And they actually get drunk on their own, which is really sad to look at.

3. Eats and runs.

On a dinner party, the immature, ill-mannered, and a cheapskate party pooper attends for the sole purpose of food. They arrive very late, missing the main program and only appears during the banquet. Now you see them, now they’re full, and now you don’t. Gone like the wind. Does he even know the host?

4. Talks more about himself than about the celebrant.

If the party is thrown to celebrate for someone, never let the party pooper give a toast. Chances are he will take the spotlight for his own. He’s going to tell a self-centered story about himself which he finds very emotional and eventually closes his speech that is in no way relevant to the celebrant. They all talk so loud that it’s obvious they want the attention.

5. Being a chill pill and a killjoy.

Some parties have games in it. Age doesn’t matter. However, for a party pooper it does. They don’t establish bonds during the party, and they get mad so easily. They question every planned activity for the whole celebration. Basically, he is a combination of party pooper number 2, and number 4.

6. Gets into a fight.

And the worst kind of all is the one who causes trouble. He acts like a jerk and struts like he’s someone important until he finds his match. They destroy the entire party, and they might even scare your guests away. Never let this party-pooper get drunk because the effects will be disastrous.

Always remember that one person is not a party. So if you don’t like being in crowds, you can always decline the invitation rather than bring the whole plan down. Parties are not about who wore it better, or who is more successful. Parties are about having fun and catching up with old friends and make new ones.