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Party Poopers: Things They Do During Gatherings

A man is a social being, and parties are the highest embodiment of socialization. It is created for the extroverts to have fun and for the introverts to let loose and step out of their circle. We throw parties because we want to celebrate, and we want to keep in touch with our friends. It brings people together and gives you that feeling of excitement, belongingness, self-confidence, and further enlarges your network of friends. While not everyone is excellent at planning these events, it sure feels good to be invited into one. But in every party, it cannot simply be avoided that a party pooper attends. You might even ask for the entire evening “Who invited them?”

While you’re busy catching up with your old friends and having fun, these people simply don’t give an ounce of care, and they might not even know why they attended. Party poopers don’t know that they are fun exterminators. Their best defense is “I’m not a party pooper.” And are you really sure you aren’t? This blog post will shed light of the most common things these people do. It might be your friend or it might be you so here it goes:

1. Socializes more with his phone than his peers.

All their friends in high school are throwing out their cell phones for the night just to let loose. Meanwhile, a party pooper has his nose stuck on his phone tweeting every single moment happening in the event like he’s some kind of news reporter paid to do so. The rudest thing they will ever do is cut you off in the middle of a conversation and start sending texts while you’re in the climax of your story.

2. Prefers to sit at the corner and mind other people’s business.

They like to stay at one place and reject all forms of help to be one with the crowd. And you know what’s worse than a party pooper? Party poopers. When they clump into groups, all they do is talk about other people who attended the party judging how they look, what happened to them in the last five years, the abortion rumor, all gossip! And they actually get drunk on their own, which is really sad to look at.

3. Eats and runs.

On a dinner party, the immature, ill-mannered, and a cheapskate party pooper attends for the sole purpose of food. They arrive very late, missing the main program and only appears during the banquet. Now you see them, now they’re full, and now you don’t. Gone like the wind. Does he even know the host?

4. Talks more about himself than about the celebrant.

If the party is thrown to celebrate for someone, never let the party pooper give a toast. Chances are he will take the spotlight for his own. He’s going to tell a self-centered story about himself which he finds very emotional and eventually closes his speech that is in no way relevant to the celebrant. They all talk so loud that it’s obvious they want the attention.

5. Being a chill pill and a killjoy.

Some parties have games in it. Age doesn’t matter. However, for a party pooper it does. They don’t establish bonds during the party, and they get mad so easily. They question every planned activity for the whole celebration. Basically, he is a combination of party pooper number 2, and number 4.

6. Gets into a fight.

And the worst kind of all is the one who causes trouble. He acts like a jerk and struts like he’s someone important until he finds his match. They destroy the entire party, and they might even scare your guests away. Never let this party-pooper get drunk because the effects will be disastrous.

Always remember that one person is not a party. So if you don’t like being in crowds, you can always decline the invitation rather than bring the whole plan down. Parties are not about who wore it better, or who is more successful. Parties are about having fun and catching up with old friends and make new ones.

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Planning a Party: Who are You Going to Invite?

Now that everything is set, all that’s left are the guests to fill your venue. When inviting guests, it is better not to stick with one circle of friends. Diversify and sort your guest listing.

Not only does this make your party alive, it keeps you busy and occupied during the event. You get to see how your two sets of friends mingle together and how their interests align with each other and to yours.

A guest will feel good about himself when he goes home having made new acquaintances. With that in mind, who are the ideal guests that should make it to your list and who shouldn’t?

The Cool Ones and the Boring Ones

Successful parties are the ones where everyone goes home happy and entertained. You have a great venue, an awesome theme, and the food is delicious. But this isn’t enough.

Guests that know how to mingle with everyone lights up the entire room. They know how to keep the party alive, and they always have interesting subjects up for conversation.

On the other hand, never invite someone with a dull personality. You are not a mean person if you crush them out of your guest list because you’re the host and they should know why no one wants to hang out with them. Not unless if it’s your close friend, your brother, or mother because it’s an obligation to invite them.

Remember, never pick too many boring guests because they’re just going to sit the entire evening and won’t participate in any of the activities you prepared.

Your Best Friend and Your Arch-nemesis

It’s an unwritten rule that friends should be invited at your parties and not to mention keeping your best friends as VIPs. They are the moving decorations of your party as who your friends are reveal a part of you. Your personality and brand radiate through them.

Other guests will know a bit about yourself when they look at your friends. They also help you out with planning a party, preparation, and cleaning things up. Basically, they got your back for the whole event.

Don’t invite the ones you don’t like or despise you. It’s your night, you deserve a break from all the tension and drama. Be on the look-out because some of them might crash the party and sabotage your hard work and efforts. Don’t worry, they already got what’s coming to them why they didn’t get an invitation.

Your Romantic Partner and Your Ex

It’s all common sense. Why should you put these two under the same roof? Never invite your ex, especially when the two of you haven’t made the “closure talk.”

Your Boss and that Jerky Friend of Yours

As much as we hate our bosses for terrorizing us, they love to be invited in parties too. This is a good thing though as your boss will get to know more a bit about who you are. And who knows, you might win his favor, and your work load will never be as horrible as it was, And not to mention that promotion.

When you risk of inviting your boss, keep your jerky friends out. No exceptions. Their horrible habits and personality might get your boss thinking if you’re the same. Besides that, never invite jerks at all. They tend to ruin everything, they set the conversation sour, and they stir trouble, even if they don’t intend to.

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How to Make an Invitation Card Stand Out

These days, people have found more ways to send invitations without exerting too much effort. With the use of the Internet, you can simply compose an e-mail and send it to your friends, or send a group message to everyone you want to be in your party via Facebook messenger. Regardless, the intent of doing so is the same: To get the word out that you’re hosting a party.

Invitation cards are a staple for formal events like weddings, anniversaries, and elegant-themed parties. Usually, these are sent online now. Despite that, sending out invites the old-school way never goes out of style. As a host and the party planner, it is your job to make sure your invites are appealing to your guests.

Remember that first impression really matters. So here’s how to make an invitation card stand out:

1. The Basics and Most Important Details

What good would your invitation be if you don’t cover the fundamentals? Your invitation should contain the name of the honoree, host, type of party, theme, venue, date, and the dress code.

For formal events like weddings, spell out the year instead of the usual Arabic numbers. Such as 29th of June, two-thousand fifteen. This applies to time as well and make sure you use morning, afternoon, or evening instead of A.M. or P.M.

Example: Six o’clock in the afternoon.

If you are not strict with the number of guests you will be having, one invitation for an entire household is enough. Otherwise, put a “plus one” box for you to know the exact number of people your guests will be tagging along.

2. Make the Header Catchy

An invitation that gives you right away the details is bland. Guests should be greeted first with a simple phrase or sentence like “You are cordially invited to the wedding of John Doe and Jane Smith,” or something more interesting. These opening sentences should give your recipients a clear picture of what kind of party it is or what’s the theme.

For example, if you’re having a Hawaiian-themed birthday party, your letter should start with “Aloha!” It’s short, it’s direct, and your guests will know right away what kind of party it is.

3. Provide a Contact Number

If you want to get the exact number of guests, or you want to have a complete list of friends and family who are sure to attend, provide a contact number. Be sure to state in your invitation that it is the contact number for confirmation. Having an RSVP printed there will encourage your guests to reply to your invitation too.

4. A Trinket for a Gate Pass

This is very common for formal events wherein the number of guests is limited. It is also effective in keeping out party-crashers. Be sure you inform security in the venue that you’re having a gate pass and give them a sample.

You might say a guest list is enough, but this is a creative way to keep the numbers in check. In addition, it will give your guests something to remember by from the event. It could be in the form of bracelets, figurines, glow sticks, and anything creative that is related to your theme.

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Best Colors to Use for Parties

When planning a party, the first thing that should come to mind is coming up with a theme. The theme sets the personality of the event, and it captures a certain era, vibe, or feeling. You can have a fantasy themed party, horror, something chic, or whatever your mind conjures up. Themes will always be present on any party, and this is a question a party-planner constantly asks. “What is the theme?”

Once you’ve decided a theme, your motif should follow. A motif includes colors and patterns that should be present in your venue. Although to some, it might seem not a big deal, but well-planned parties really show. Your guests will remember anything you decorate in your party. If they like what they see, they will surely come back the next time you plan an event without hesitation, and a good or bad party will always go around town.

Colors are a great influence in a person’s mood. This rule applies to parties as well. For example, if you choose a gothic theme, go for colors that are strong and dark such as red and black. Never opt for something light like white, or yellow as this defeats the purpose of the theme. If you’re going for something elegant and regal, go for colors that denote royalty. Gold, silver, violet, and anything metallic and radiant like jewels fit the description. In a kid’s party, pastel colors work best as it denotes something vibrant, fresh, and young. These are also perky colors, similar to how children should be.

One thing to note when it comes to choosing colors to use for parties is to stick to the theme. Imagine a nature-themed party with inorganic and unnatural colors. It will be confusing to your guests as the theme tells a story contradicting to the motif. One good advice is to be as minimalistic as possible. In color picking, don’t even dare to try to put the entire color scheme into one motif. Two is fine, three is better, and four is best. It really depends. Just make sure that it’s not in contrast with each other. You can try three shades of blue cascading to each other. Never pair violet with red, or yellow with blue.

Another thing, white and black are neutral colors. It means that they go well with any color. So it’s practically safe to set it as the base color along with other colors that are in harmony with each other.

Not everyone is gifted with the art of color combination. So if you’re unsure with yourself, always seek for consultation and ask for suggestions from your friends who you find are good with these. You can also seek a reference through the Internet as this is the most direct and easy way to access the millions of opinions and ideas from people all over. However, if you’re still indecisive with things, you can always contact a professional party-planner or simply a designer as they can help in perceiving your ideas and encapsulating them into colors.

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How to Successfully Decorate a Party

decorate a party

Party planning is tough, it’s boring, it requires a lot of effort, and one thing is for sure, it’s not the fun part of throwing a party. When you’re over the “deciding for a theme and motif” phase, your next dilemma would be decorating. And for most people, it is a major problem.

Not everyone has an eye for decorating. It is a problem most amateur party planners go through. “How should I decorate my venue in line with the theme?” People are too afraid that they might make the place look like it shouldn’t be that’s why they end up not decorating at all or calling a professional who is somewhat expensive and impractical for most people. So before you hit that dial pad and waste your money, here are simple and versatile ways about how to decorate a party.

1. Balloons

It is the stereotype decoration for a birthday party, but little do most people know that it is not only for that specific occasion. This rubberized helium bag comes in a wide variety of colors to cater one’s preference. It is cheap, its stock is an easy access, and it is very dispensable as child guests would love to bring one home.

2. Banners and Signages

Be it a wedding, or an anniversary, it is never wrong to hang up several of these on walls. It should contain greetings or quotes like “Fifty years strong and counting” or “Hope you blow your cake this year!” These banners not only style your venue but also acts as a display of information because some guests never really know what the party is all about or who the honoree is. One good advice for this decoration is that it should be placed where all the guests are going to have an eye on like near a cake, or where the celebrants are going to sit.

3. Garlands and Buntings

It just brings out the festive and merry vibe on your party. When buntings are mentioned, fiestas are thought of but no, it doesn’t have to be that case. You could have buntings made of flowers for formal events or a birthday party for a teenage girl, it really is up to you. This decoration can spread through the entire ceiling, walls, and garden. It points guests to where the really fun things happen too.

4. Skirted Tables

Who says they are only for formal events? Not everyone considers the skirting of a table cloth as an eye candy, but everyone sure does notice a blank and naked table. It requires a lot of time, patience, and skill but the effects are all worth it. It’s good for birthdays, weddings, and costume parties, just about anything. It will only vary on the skirting style, the color and quality of the cloth used. And make sure the colors and patterns coincide with the theme and motif. However, in most cases, this is not an issue because table skirting blends with almost any theme.

5. Giveaways

If you can’t afford an ice sculpture, these will work the same way. Place it on a table somewhere where everyone can see it and be sure to arrange it in stacks. It is a great idea to have these on an event as guests tend to appreciate bringing home a memorabilia from the party as well.