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Practical and Useful Gifts to Give During a Kid’s Birthday Party

The birthday party of your friend’s kid is fast approaching, and your friend is giving out hints on receiving amazing gifts. It’s a lot of pressure and stressful, which we totally understand.

There are a lot of ways to make a child happy depending on his or her age. Giving gifts is a must, especially if they are still so young because material things—mostly toys—make them jump with joy.

But is it really practical to give a toy as a birthday gift? Some would say it’s a waste since he or she is going to outgrow it anyway. If you are torn between one gift and another, then perhaps we could offer our assistance with these practical and useful gift ideas for a kid’s birthday party.

1. Educational Toys

Now this, is a clever exemption. Even if you know that your friend’s kid is going to outgrow this, you know your money is on the right investment. Educational toys differ from every age and you can find lots of it in the market. Take for example, a baking set, a doctor’s equipment set, and more.

These kind of gifts stimulate a child’s brain therefor improving how they think. At a young age, they will be able to distinguish which equipment is good for this kind of activity.

2. Wardrobe Two or Three Sizes Bigger

Yes, wardrobes can be outgrown, but not if you go two or three sizes bigger. Children grow so fast. Practical moms out there buy minimal baby clothes because they know that babies will surely outgrow them in a month.

Going two sizes bigger means the child can wear it when he or she is a little older. This will help Mom and Dad to save when it comes to shopping new clothes.

3. Art Tools

Art tools such as crayons, drawing or coloring books are great gifts. Children at the age of two can appreciate bright colors and if you expose them to colors and shapes at an early age, they will be one step ahead than any other kid.

There are a lot of drawing and coloring books out there that fit every age. From here, each parent may be able to discover if their kid has a potential to be an artist in the future.

4. A Pet

At the young age of five, children respond to animals like birds, fishes, and most especially dogs. If you are a parent or someone who likes to give gifts that are really extra nice, buy the kid an animal.

Puppies will grow and become dogs and they will grow with the child. Animals have a special way of interacting with children making them look at life in a positive manner. They will grow up knowing that animals are meant to be taken cared of and not abused plus it will help them become more responsible.

5. Diapers, Baby Food, and Other Consumables

Diapers, baby food, and other kinds of consumables are a great gift too. Aside from helping the parents save up, they also benefit the baby. Buy several packs of diapers, a box of baby food, milk, and other kinds of consumables that are usually used by the baby.

For sure, the parents will be so thankful because it is a big help for them. When it comes to baby food, make sure that what you bought from the store is nutritious.