2 Pack of Glowing In the Dark Fidget Spinners, Smooth & Quiet & Fast & Balanced Ceramic Bearing and Durable Fidget Spinner.

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【 2 Pack & Portable Case 】 You will get one white and one blue glowing in the dark fidget spinners and one black gift case.
【 Brightly Glowing in the Dark 】 We use special super bright material which make sure you have great use experience in the dark
【 Quiet & Smooth & Fast & Durable 】 Our hand spinner use quality ceramic berings and original ABS material, make sure spining fastly and smoothly ( 2-3 minutes ) and durable use without crack after falling down.
【 Relieve Stress & Focus & Treat ADD, ADHD 】 You may feel stress before school test; Sometimes you can not focus on your work in office; You may feel boring when waitng; You may have serious ADD, ADHD.You need it if all are yes.
【 Much Fun 】 Small, Simple, Fun, Cool, Popular.With it, You will have much Fun in your life.Most important thing is that it is good gift package for children

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What can I get?

1.Two Glowing in the Dark Fidget Spinners
2.One Black Gift Case which packs 2 fidget spinners in it

Do They Really Glowing Brightly in the Dark?

Yes, We inject the most bright material into the plastic
which make sure they glowing brightly in the drak
after you light up it for several seconds by incandescent light from
your smartphone light or bulb or flashlight.

What is the materials used for the fidget spinners?

1.For center berings, it is great quality ceramic berings.
2.For main body, it is strong quality injected plastic not 3D print.
3.For the 3 weights, it is stainless steel material.

How long do they spin for?

They can spin for more than 2 minutes.

Loud Noise? Balanced? Durable? Fast? Crack after Falling Down?

1. Honestly,there is slight noise.You even can ignore it.
2. They balance well when you use your finger to spin it or spin it on table.
3. They are super durable, all the material is made of quality materials.We are
factories.Quality is controlled well before delivery.
4. They spins fast, because we use the great quality ceramic berings.
5. Our Fidget Spinners pass the strict fall down test from 1.5 m high place. No
crack when falling down suddenly.

Can I remove and replace the all berings and caps if needed?

Yes, You can if possible.You need extra tools and little power. It is not difficult
to remove it. We plan to sell the berings and caps separately in the near
furture. Please note that the caps is included on the center berings.