Angled Metal Icing Spatula, Stainless Steel Baking SpatulasSet of 3 Packs


  • More precision – Due to the angled shape of the knives, these pies are ergonomically handy. Try this pallets once and you will be surprised that you already have a lot of exercise and control while you are painting your pies.
  • Springform – In contrast to baking with traditional tweezers, you can now spread your cake floors directly with our angular pallet in the spring form. Thanks to the bevelled angle, you will save a lot of time when applying cream or cream.
  • 3 different sizes – cake decoration can be so simple if you have the right “craft” in your drawer. With us you get the angular pallets directly in a practical set of 3, in order to have the right kitchen help available for every challenge.
  • Universal – These glaze knives are also perfect for applying ganache, liquid chocolate, couverture, butter cream, vanilla cream and much more. You can also decorate and decorate cupcakes with this Icing Spatula.
  • Gift Box – The GoStock angle pallets set is not only functional but also looks damn good. It is supplied with protective covers in a beautiful cardboard box.
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Color:Stainless Steel

15/20 / 25cm angled knives for the professional decoration of cakes

Color: Black+ Silver
Material: Plastic + Stainless Steel
Blade Size: 6 inch,8 inch,10 inch
Used for: Cake making, decorating, cutting, etc
Package Weight: 280g
Package Included: 3 size Icing Spatula


1. The stainless steel is high-quality, hard and very robust, which is why it does not rust. The smooth surface ensures a simple smoothing of the cream. Easy to wash by hand or in the dishwasher.
2. The pallets are ergonomic, round and comfortable, which makes them easy and safe to use.
3. The set consists of 3 different sizes from which you can choose the suitable size for your cake.
4. The kitchen helpers can be used, among other things, to spread the cream and jam, decorate the cake, or detach it from the mold.