Consol 2-in-1 Classic Mason Glass Jar with a Smaller Jar Inside with One Leak Proof Lid, 34 oz., Blue


  • The space-saving DESIGN of the product sets it apart – by keeping everything you want separate, together. Essentially two jars of different sizes fit one inside the other; the larger (17oz or 34oz) jars accommodate a smaller (3.5oz) jar. The jars share a lid, which when closed, holds them securely together as a singular container – simplifying both storage and transportation.
  • This REUSABLE Jar is made of GLASS which is 100% recyclable does not deteriorate, corrode, stain or fade, so this Jar will retain its good looks for a long time. Glass is also inert and free of contaminants, which make it a safe and healthy choice for you and the environment. GUARANTEED to keep your food tasting fresh and delicious without any harmful toxins.
  • DURABLE and eco friendly made of glass with a BPA-free leak proof lid that also secures the 3.5oz inner glass container. Comes with a FREE Customized digital collection of Consol Jar in a Jar packing tips, recipes and meal combination suggestions (sent via email).
  • We are all about delivering quality products and are pretty certain you will be happy with this novel Jar-in-A-Jar – we stand behind our promises and if at any point you are unhappy with you purchase, let us know and we will make it right. So join the clean, green revolution and buy your jar in a jar today.

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On the go consumption just got a whole lot easier with the introduction of Consol’s Jar in a Jar.

Perfect for soup and croutons, pap and gravy, salad and a creamy dressing, fruit salad and yoghurt – there are plenty of meals where some of the ingredients are best kept separate until just prior to serving.

Now with the Consol Jar in a Jar there’s no need to limit the defining elements of a dish, nor the gourmet garnish. No more soggy salads and no compromise when it comes to taste or texture while eating on the run; every meal can be enjoyed as it was intended.

From meals at the office, to picnics, school lunches, trips to the beach, and snacks on the run, the Consol Jar in a Jar is the ideal two-in-one container to store elements of a meal separately but together.

Not limited to food, it also has a definite place in a nursery where dummies can be stored hygienically together with the gripe water in a sterile environment. They are also ideal for storing stationery and crafting materials, as well as sprinkles, cupcake casings and other baking essentials.

The jars and lids are dishwasher safe but avoid cleaning with abrasives.

They will crack if exposed to extreme heat or cold and should not therefore be stored in a freezer, nor heated in an oven or in a microwave.

They are not suitable for carbonated products.