Cyanbamboo Bamboo Stool Square Bench for Kids Stool Bamboo Stool Chair for Shower Outdoor Fishing (L:9.45 W:7 H:9.45 Inch)

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Material: 5 year old moso bamboo brings the premium quality.With smooth surface,no bamboo burr,protect your skin from harm.
Function: Mutifunctional, could be used in indoor and outdoor.Indoor could be living room seat stool,bathroom shower stool.Outdoor could be fishing stool,pruning potting stool and so on.
Feature: With light bamboo fragrance,pollution free,makes your house more comfortable.Cool nature bamboo material suitable for the summer season which coming soon.
Assemble instructions included: Need some tools,such as screwdriver and hammer.When you assemble the legs into the holes,it may looks do not fit,but actually it will fit perfectly after right assemble. Since it not the screw design,for the stability of this stool,the holes must a little smaller than the legs.When assemble, please hammer the legs forcefully,it will fit good.When assemble,any problem please feel free to contact us,we will try our best to help you.

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Bamboo has a high density of 0.789 which is higher than birches of 0.615 and oak of 0.742. Its bending strength and tension resistence is twice of ordinary trees.
Bamboo’s livespan is not as long as ordinary trees which needs tens of years even hundreds of years to grow up,it needs only 3 to 5 years,
and this makes it very environmental friendly.

Cyanbamboo moso bamboo square stool, made by 5 year old bamboo,with light nature bamboo fragrance and pollution-free,makes your home comfortable and beautiful.
Mutifunctional, you could use it in indoor and outdoor.It could be used as living room seat stool,bathroom shower stool,fishing stool and other leisure stool.
Suitable for both kids and adult since the solid material.