Dacra For UFO Tri-Spinner Silver Fidget Time Killer Focus ADHD EDC Toy With Beautiful Look and Great for Deep Thought & Anxiety Relief, Smaller Friction and Stable Bearing

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Fidget Hand Spinner — 1-5 Minute Average Spins, alloy material with low noise. Radius: 1.18 inches. Don’t buy fake spinner from other seller. please choose Volibela
Super Long Time Rotation With Small Friction –the rotation rate of metal bearing is twice as fast as the same type of this bearing. metal bearing is more smooth and evasive than other bearing. when it rotate, smaller friction make less energy lose and get longer rotation
Stop Bad Habit — ideal for people stop their bad habit such as leg shaking, quite nail biting, smoking and all type of attention disorder issues.
Help You Reduce Stress — Very nice spinner to help ADD & ADHD suffers to be better. Focus on it spinning and get into deep thought easily.
Alien UFO Style — Beautiful and Innovations spinner, using SLA technology and then treat the surface beautiful. No problem about scratches.

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Dacra Fidget Spinner

UFO fidget spinner have beautiful surface and nice touch feeling. perfect weight make you get good touch feeling and top level bearing make it shows good stable spin.

Beautiful surface and quality material always are the top level element for this fidget toy.So it spin 3-5 mins. Although spin time is not the most importance element to judge a spinner good or not, we still pay much attention to make this part to be best.And the most important things is playing feeling,touch feeling and beautiful surface. UFO pattern surface is what we think beautiful surface.better bearing, stronger centrifugal force feeling. This toy is the perfect fidget toy for sensory kids. They focus on this finger spinner and no more time to annoy you. Also, when you feel anxiety and don’t know how to clam down, play with this spinner and you will feel better.

Great for anxiety, focusing, ADHD, autism, quitting bad habits, staying awake.
Perfect size suitable for adults and children, simple, easy to carry.
It is a great idea for a gift to some friend who can’t keep their fingers still.
Really magical item to release your stress and anxiety, mood, make you focus on your work.

Weight:Approx 89g
Bearing type:Top level bearing

The spinner playing:
One hand hold spinner, the other hand spin it rapidly with small continuous strikes to keep it spinning. People who are good at playing spinner can spun using one hand only to stop and start spinning. Also, this spinner will meet all you expected like small size, simple, discrete and fun-also effective for focus, stress relief and deep thought.

Package Included:
1*Fidget Spinner