GloDea X36 Natural Lounge Chair, Bride’s Veil

$195.99 $190.99

Folds for easy portability and space saving
Handmade with a modern design and your comfort in mind
Crafted from eco friendly wood and packed in recyclable boxes
Dimensions when set up: L 26 x W 19 x H 29.5″
Weight: 19 pounds

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The ChairX36 is practical, fun, durable, eco friendly and 100% made in the USA. This beautiful chair arrives fully assembled at your home and folds for easy storage. This portable version of a lounge chair is very comfortable and great for soaking up the sun or enjoying fireworks. Conceptualized by the Brazilian designer Ignacio Santos, the ChairX36 is crafted from Eco Friendly Premium Yellow Pine wood, stainless steel and built to last for years if well taken care of. The ChairX36 sits close to the ground (12″ from the floor), which makes it perfect for smelling the flowers and an excellent beach chair. Also its small size (23,5″ of back support) makes it easy to fit it in the trunk of your car to go camping and sit around the fire roasting marshmallows with the kids.(If you rather a larger chair our ChairX45 might be perfect for you.) Since our chairs are made from real wood there are a few natural knots that give a great rustic look to them. But for those who rather a smooth chair with no knots we have the Selection model which is handmade with specially selected pieces of wood with no knots on them. Our chairs are finished with a semi-transparent stain and sealant mixture that protects your furniture not only against humidity but also from UV rays and direct sun exposure. This stain finish allows you to see the natural wood through the color and is ideal for those who want to leave their chairs outside all year long without worrying about what may happen. All our products are packaged in recyclable double walled boxes with reinforced corners to ensure a safe transportation. We don’t use any kind of extra packaging to avoid waste and the use of non-recyclable products. If you love design, care about the environment and like practical products, look no further, GloDea’s ChairX36 is the perfect chair for you.