Silicone Non-stick Healthy Cooking Baking Mat,Thanksgiving Day Turkey Mats16x11Inch Size


  • Perfect Kitchen Mat for Healthy Cooking — Now you can make your food more crisp, juicy. All you have to do is put your food on this raised cone shaped pan while baking then watch the fat and oil drips away from the food, avoiding it from sticking to the baking tray. Definitely a time saver!
  • Premium Food Grade Silicone Material — Made of food grade silicone, it’s odorless, nontoxic, BPA free through FDA certification which is safe for the whole family to use. It’s also nonstick so you can use it in freezer, oven and microwave up to 428F without worries.
  • Super Flexible for Easy Storage — Comes in 16″ x 11″, it comes with over 500 silicone pyramids. Not only that, it is super flexible which can be rolled so you can save the space and store it easily anywhere, be it in your kitchen cabinet, and trim to fit in most roasting pans easily.
  • Effortless Cleaning in the Dishwasher — Once it gets dirty after you cook your food,the Kyson baking mats can be washed by hand with little soap and water or just put it in the dishwasher for easier and quicker way. It will come as good as new without any damages.
  • [100% Money Back and Lifetime Guarantee]:Buy with confidence! Now Share it with your family and friends, do not miss the good times this cooking tool can bring you!
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Color:Red Kyson silicone mat is a cooking mat allow you to cook breaded and non breaded foods in your oven.It allows air to circulate under the food and fats to drip away,leaving your food crisp,juicy and evenly cooked.Foods rest on points above the pan instead of traditional methods that leave food in contact with a pan,which results in burning or sticking on one side.With Kyson silicone mat,frequent turning of food is reduced or eliminated.The Food-Grades SILICONE Mat is a nonstick surface,making for easy chean up.


How to us:
Pre-heat oven to recipe directions.
For best results increase recipe temperatures 25 to 50 degrees higher.Foods may take a bit longer to cook on Kyson Silicone mats than a traditional baking sheet ,so for some items you may want to increase cooking times by a few minutes.
Place Kyson Pyramid mat(with points of Pyramid facing up) on heat-resistant baking sheet .
Place food articles on top of ”Pyramids” and bake according to recipe instructions.If need more recipe instructions,pls email the seller for it !
For crispier results,spray food on both sides with a cooking oil spray.

Clean Up:
Simply wash it in warm soapy water and dry or palce in dishwasher

Food and mat will be hot and should be handled with care .
Don’t use on stove top,under the oven broiler,hotplate or over open flame.
Don’t exceed temperatures of more than 450°F in a conventional oven .
Oven temperatures will vary.
The pan is not intended to support large pieces of meat such as a roast or whole chicken or turkey.
Smaller food articles will fall in between the ”Pyramids” and not achieve the desired results.
Do not place directly into oven without KYSON SILICONE MATS being palced on a heat-resistant,supportative baking pan or sheet.!