Mason Jars with Handle Coffee Mug – Set of 4 Mason Mugs 16 oz. Glassware Drinking Set Pint Core Kitchen Tea Mugs Container Large Glass Jar Gift for Men and Women Rustic County Fair Old Fashioned Style


  • SET OF 4 16 oz. CORE MASON JARS with handle. One jar can take in 16 oz.(475 ml) of liquid. This glassware set is perfect for cocktails, coffee, tea, shakes & desserts. The jars will add a nice touch to any outdoor BBQ or indoor event
  • DISHWASHER SAFE. The cups are easily compatible with household dishwashers. If needed, they can be effortlessly hand washed and dried. The smooth handles make the glasses easy and safe to store.
  • BALANCED BUILD assures that the jars will stay upright on trays, table tops and other even surfaces. The durable and thick Core glass will minimize the chances of breaks and cracks. The rim is compatible with standard mason jar lids so you can use the mugs to store food or refrigerate your shakes.
  • SAFE SHIPPING since our jars are wrapped in a generous amount of bubble wrap. This highly reduces the possibility of damaged glass arriving at your doorstep instead of our old fashioned mason jars.
  • A RUSTIC FEEL perfect for your classic weddings or other catered events. The jars will create a unique atmosphere that you and your guests will surely enjoy. Commonly used for drinking purposes, the mason jars can also be placed on tables as a fun accessory or tabletop decor. With the Core Glassware mason jars, the possibilities are nearly endless!
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Vintage Glassware

With a rustic “county fair” and rooster design, you will love the look of this mason mug set. They will add a special charm to any catered event, wedding, restaurant or bar. Generally known as a great container for different sodas, liquors, cocktails or shakes, the jars can also be utilized as centerpieces or utensil holders. The possibilities and nearly endless so it is up to you to decide what you will do with them. The mason jars come with a sturdy handle that allows the user to grip the jar with ease. This is great for carrying your beverages around and when you’re on the move. The handle also prevents the glass from rolling when any potential spills occur. The smooth clear glass allows you to showcase whatever is in the container. The crystal-clear construction provides excellent content visibility. The thick glass and balance build of the mugs helps minimalize possible cracks and breakage. This durable construction enables the mug to stay upright on most surfaces like table and trays.

Balanced Build

The mason mug is made of clear glass and is identified with a county fair logo constituted of a rooster surrounded by a round line.

Core glassware is manufactured to withstand the wear and tear of daily handling using its thick glass construction and sturdy style. This makes each piece of the Core glassline the perfect item for busy restaurants and crowded parties. Other Core products include but are not limited to: wine glasses, martini cups, goblets,etc.

Core glass ware is designed to meet the needs of your budget without sacrificing quality and sturdiness. Core glassware jars will go well with any wedding reception or other lively events. Place a Core mason jar near your cash register and be sure that your customers will show their appreciation. For your convenience, the jars are generously covered in bubble wrap to highly reduce the chances of damage during the shipment process.