Silicone Splatter Screen Baking Mixing Bowl Guard Covers Pots, Shields From Splatter Sprays, Avoids Spills, Reduces Mess. Slotted Center Allows Stirring with Cover On. By Perfect Life Ideas


  • Splatter Guard prevents splatters, spills, and allow no boiling hot oil, sizzling sauce, liquid splatter or bits projection. Avoids mess and hazards. Now you can cook safer and not have to worry about excessive splatters and messy spills.
  • Large 11.875″ in diameter and with translucent spaller shield cooking pot lid allows you to see through and monitor your cooking better. Kitchen splash guard is a must have kitchen tool for cooking and to use as a mixing bowl splatter guard cover for cooking. Perfect for family, couples or single household.
  • Splatter Cover fits over most pots and pans that can be covered by its 11.87″ diameter. Use it as a light weight cooking pot lid while cooking. Perfect splatter screen to prevent splatters and spills so that clean ups on stove tops is less laborious or not needed at all.
  • Ergonomic design, with slitted center allows for stirrer or serving spoon to pass through center and allow stirring mixing even while still keeping cooking pot covered and prventing splatters. Works better than a microwave splatter guard.
  • Center of splatter guard has flexible slits to allow for kitchen tools and mixers to pass through and be used for stirring, mixing, while still covering the cooking pot as a lid. Mixing Bowl Splatter Guard comes with our 100% Money-Back, Satisfaction Guarantee.
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Keep your kitchen tidy and counter tops, cooking oven cleaner with the Splatter Guard Mixing Bowl Splatter Screen

– The sturdy and durable construction is great for electric mixers or hand-held tools and the transparent cover allows you to see your mixture as you work. The Inner Silicone Flexible Ring Fits Most Handheld And Table Mixers. The outside is made of durable transparent plastic that won’t budge when you start the mixer.

To use, simply place the Splatter Guard over any size mixing bowl up to 11.75 inches in diameter. Easy to Store And Dishwasher Safe

– Use as a splatter cover, splatter shield, splatter screen, splatter guard for cooking, cooking pot lid, kitchen splash guard as it is better than a microwave splatter guard
– The splatter cover for cooking is a must have kitchen tool and usable as a mixing bowl splatter guard
– Easy to store and dishwasher safe

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