TeamFar Commercial Nesting Mixing Baking Bowl Set, Stainless Steel, Solid and Durable, Mirror & Brushed Finish, Flat Bottom, Big Lip, Set of 4 (Large to Small), Dishwasher Safe


  • ★ HEAVY DUTY – The bowls are very solid and sturdy, would NOT bend or warp even you press it in a very hard way. Made of thick gauge stainless steel, definitely not cheap made, a proper weight to work with. Pure stainless steel without annoying rubber, certainly serve you for years.
  • ★ WORKMANSHIP – Superior mirror finish internal which you can use the surface as mirror, also super easy to clean even in hand wash. Brushed finish external make it a high-ending appearance, also avoid fingerprints. This bowl set is surely pretty enough to leave sitting out on the counter and bar.
  • ★ DEEP RIM & BIG LIP – The bowls have deeper rim to avoid food spillage. NOT as shallow as normal bowls. The big size lip give you a nice handle for your fingers to grip onto. Convenient and comfortable for you to transport hot food since the lip stay cool.
  • ★ FUNTIONAL – Set of 4, Provide you various size bowls, meet your daily cooking needs. Great for a variety of uses (taco bar, salad fixings, mix cake, dessert bar…. ) The bowls fit into each other so storage is easy.
  • ★ DIMENSION – Compact size include: 9.5×4.1-inch 4 Qt. x 1, 8.6×3.9-inch 3 Qt. X 1, 7.8×3.7-inch 2.5 Qt. X 1, 7×3.4-inch 1.8 Qt. X 1. We guarantee that all the description and specification are 100% to the reality of the product.
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TeamFar 4-piece bowl set definitely would be a staple in your house! Our bowl set was designed to be a high-ending serving mixing item. First sight you see it, you would love it by its pretty nice appearance. It’s certainly pretty enough to serve in your counter and bar. Then you will enjoy the convenience it bring to you when cooking, baking, mixing… This functional item will meet most of your needs and we sure you definitely would like this high-ending item.

You can use it as mixing bowl set when cooking, like salad mixing, egg and milk beating, food separation, baking material preparation, etc. You can also use it as serving bowl set at table, like container for vegetables, fruits, soup, pasta, rice, candy, etc.

Our bowls are made from high grade thick gauge stainless steel. When you holding in hand, you would feel it very sturdy. Even you press this set in a very hard way, They would NOT bend or warp.

Dishwasher safe. Pure stainless steel without any other annoying material, superior finish internal make it super easy to clean even in hand wash. Nesting one by one, easy storage.

We have raised the bowl rim to solve the food spillage problem when stirring. A proper size lip is convenient and comfortable for you to transport hot food.

Stainless steel bowl wouldn’t be broken and safe for kids and children using. Enjoy the cooking fun with families.

Bowl Precise Dimensions
9.5×4.1-inch, 4 Qt. X 1
8.6×3.9-inch, 3 Qt. X 1
7.8×3.7-inch, 2.5 Qt. X 1
7×3.4-inch, 1.8 Qt. X 1

Thank you for taking TeamFar as part of your family. We guarantee that all the description and specification are 100% to the reality of the product. We’re working harder to offer more good items. We are Team, we go far, we are TeamFar.