TopQPS LED Fidget Hand Spinner – The Best LED Spinner with 18 Designs – Premium Tri-Spinner Anxiety Toy Helps Kids Focus and Adults – Brand New Model (Black)

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The best and newest LED spinner on the market.
7 LED lights timed perfectly to create beautiful designs when you start spinning.
Two Beautiful plain colors so that you are able to appreciate the LED designs.
18 Different designs that are unlike any other LED Spinner on the market.
TopQPS Products come with our 100% guarantee.

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This alternative for the boring spinner out there. Yes it does have LEDs but unlike other spinners it has only 1 of the 3 leafs equipped with 7 LED lights that are programmed to show you 18 different designs once you press it to turn it on. All other LED Spinners will just give you lighting that when you spin, it is amusing because it creates a round light effect that sometimes changes color. The TopQPS LED Spinner has been designed to synchronize the spinning motion and the LED lighting timing to create the beautiful designs. The way it works is the 7 LEDs on the top leaf with a small motherboard that are synchronized to show the designs in different ways depending on how fast you spin it, you will be playing with this for hours. Just press the leaf with the LEDs and spin away.