Wearable4U Push Activated LED Glow Premium Hand Fidget Spinner Toy for Stress Relief, ADHD, Anxiety & Rave/EDM

$17.99 $12.99

  • PUSH Activated 9 LED multi-colored lights are eye catching & hypnotic when swiftly spinning;
  • REDUCE stress, anxiety and nervous energy for ADD & ADHD sufferers, and helps fidgety folks relax (i.e. restless leg syndrome);
  • CURBS undesired habits like smoking, nail biting, pen chewing and refocuses attention;
  • QUIET spin allows for discreet use in the office, classroom & public places without distracting others;
  • In the box: 1 x Werable4U LED Light Up Hand Fidget Spinner Toy;
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Fidgety folks, rejoice! Nervous Nellies and attention-deficit sufferers can now enjoy relief from anxiety and distractions with this Wearable4U LED Light Up Spinner fidget toy. This compact hand spinner is the latest & greatest in stress-reducing hand-held gadgets. Nine bright LEDs create a mesmerizing motion blur of red, green and blue when swiftly spinning for 1-2 minutes. Adults and kids alike can enjoy the calming effect of this sleek battery-powered finger spinner toy, which fits comfortably in most hands. Portable and light-weight, the quiet motion-activated novelty device can be discreetly used at the office, classroom, and in public places without disturbing others. Bring on the go and have on hand to spin & soothe during overwhelming moments. This Wearable4U LED Light Up Hand Fidget Spinner Toy curbs undesired habits like smoking, nail biting, pen chewing and refocuses attention to the hypnotic spinning motion, and makes a perfect little stocking stuffer, gift or giveaway. Start spinning and save your sanity!