Wineova Plastic Wine Glasses with Lid, 10 Ounze, Set of 2, with Red and Green Drink-through Lid


  • Set of 2, wine glass with red and green lid, insulated to keep wine cool longer
  • BPA-free, acrylic wine glass ideal for parties, camping, boating and outdoor events
  • Portable design with drink-through lid to keep bugs and dirt out of the wine. Double-walled construction, for handwash only
  • Wineova acrylic wine glasses are double-walled, with the inside chamber resembling the classic wine glass shape. This gives them the appearance of a typical glass of wine but in the pragmatic, ergonomically designed shape of a Wineova. Designed not to tip over easily and to be easy to grasp, the Wineova gives you a smart way to drink wine wherever you go. Plus, since your hand heat isn’t on the actual layer of the glass storing the wine, you aren’t heating the wine up with your body heat. It stays nice and chilled thanks to the double-walled wine tumbler. Great For Travelling Wine glasses are far too fragile for traveling. Pouring your wine in a water bottle or thermos could leave you feeling sick from the BPA in the plastic. Perfect task for Wineova! The sip-through top holds the wine inside the glass and keeps other objects and debris (like pesky little flies and gnats) out of your wine so you can enjoy the taste the way it’s meant to be. When you want a sip of the wine, simply slide back the spill-proof lid slot and take a sip, then slide the slider back into place—no need to pop off the whole lid until you’re ready for a refill! Wineova insulated acrylic wine glasses, the portable way to drink white and red wine wherever you desire. By combining plastic wine glasses with plastic “sippy” cups with lids, Wineova has changed the way that we’ll drink wine forever. No longer do you have to sit inside or at a fancy restaurant to enjoy your vino in style—now you can take your wine anywhere and not have to worry about it spilling or some bug flying into it.
  • How to Use Wineova Adrylic Wine Glasses – The bottom line here is that you can take Wineova anywhere that it’s legal for you to drink wine. Simply open the Red or Green sip-through top, pour your wine into the flute-shaped inner wine tumbler, close the lid and then enjoy! Open the slider on the lid to take a sip and then close it when you’re done. This will ensure that nothing gets in or out of your drink, plus will keep your wine cooler thanks to the double-walled, insulated design. Because of this insulated design it is not suitable for use in a dish washer; it is for handwash only. The Wineova holds about 10 ounces of liquid, measures 3.5 x 3.5 x 6.5 inches and weighs a mere 4.5 ounces, making it the perfect travel companion for any true wine lover. It’s not big or bulky and it certainly won’t get in the way. You’ll just have all the wine drinking freedom and comfort that you deserve, simply by using the Wineova insulated acrylic wine glasses.
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Where to Enjoy Your Wineova Plastic Wine Glasses

So that you can understand just how portable and versatile Wineova plastic wine glasses are, here’s a list of ideas and places where you can enjoy your wine, like never before:

• On your back patio or in the backyard

• Drink a glass of wine while you’re working in the garden

• Lay out in a hammock with a glass of wine and don’t worry about bugs getting in the vino

• Relax poolside without having to worry about people splashing water into your cup of wine

• Use them at parties so that you can tell whose drink is who’s

• On company picnics and outings where it’s okay for you to have some wine

• Walk your dogs and relax with your plastic wine glasses that go anywhere without spilling

• Relax with a nice glass of wine in the park or at a concert

• Take your Wineova insulated wine glasses to events

• Enjoy a glass of your favorite wine at the theatre in the park

• Drink your wine when you go fishing and wait for a bite

• Take your Wineova on a picnic with you and get a little romantic

• Use it on your yacht when the sea is rough

• Take your Wineova onto party boats or fishing boats, or even just to relax on a cruise around the harbor, bay or lake

• Take your Wineova on the road when you go camping, ensuring that bugs stay out and your wine stays in—your mouth and belly!

• Use your plastic wine glasses at home if you have kids that bump into tables and constantly knock things over—save your rugs

• Use them at tailgating parties

• Give them as gifts to your favorite wine drinkers

• Or use them as gag gifts for those wine snobs you know

As you can see, the options are endless for taking your wine with you.