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Tips on Properly Choosing Party Invitations

One of the things we have to focus on when organizing a party is the invitations that we have to send. If we decide to send printed party invitations, that means we have to choose a design, a template, an overall theme, and the wording to make the invitations stand out and appear well-presented. While a lot of organizers don’t think invitations are important to any party, they are dead wrong.

This is the first thing that your guest will receive from your party. The invitation is where they will be getting the information from like where the party will be held, what time it will start, and how formal it is.

This is especially important in communicating the “theme” of the party. If the invitation is very formal, your guests will know that they should come either in a cocktail dress or in black tie (of course, this would be indicated on the “attire” part of the invitation). However, if the invitation is leaning on becoming casual and relaxed, then a nice party dress and slacks and polo (no tie) will do good, too.

Focus on the Theme and Motif of the Party

Your party may not exactly have a specific theme, but there should be a motif in terms of colors. What colors are you going to use for the linens and the overall stage design? What colors would the flowers be? What colors will be hanging from the ceiling or used as accents on the walls?

You may not be focused too much on the theme of the party but surely, there would be dominant colors there. These are the same colors that you should use for the invitations. You should also decide whether to make the invitations formal and elegant or a bit casual and relaxed.

Choose the Wording Carefully

This is the most important aspect in the creation of an invitation. Make sure there is no ambiguous information there so your guests will know exactly where, when, and what is being celebrated. Choose the wording carefully because you don’t want to send the wrong message to your guests.

Before finalizing and printing out the invitations, double check for any spelling and grammar errors. Do you know how expensive it is to reprint invitations? That would be a catastrophe.

Print the Invitations on Time

Finally, make sure that the process it takes for you to finalize the invitations are compliant with the schedule you have. The invitations must be sent out at least one month before the party. That gives your guests enough time to fix their schedule and even take leave from work (if they have to).

If you are going to print the invitations belatedly, you might as well not send them at all because what use would be receiving an invitation if the guests won’t have enough time to decide whether to go or not? The timing of mailing out the invitations is very important, so make sure you send the final version to the printers on time.

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The Right Etiquette To Sending Save-The-Date Invitations For Your Party

A save-the-date invitation is one of the most fun part of organizing a party. Whether it’s your wedding or your birthday or any other event in your life, it’s always exciting to finally announce to your guests that “Hey, I’m having a celebration” at a specific date and time. You’re halfway to your event, after all, you’ve already set the date, the time, and the place. All the other elements of the party are just minimal compared to those three things.

So, where do you start with the save-the-date invitations? And how do you deal with sticky situations?

Do we really have to send a save-the-date?

If you have a destination wedding or you have a three-day event, etiquette requires you to send a save-the-date invitation. You will have to give your guests a heads-up, so they can plan ahead and put your event in their schedules. It’s common courtesy to acknowledge that they can be busy people, too, and they might not have enough time to arrange accommodations for your event.

When do we send it?

As a general rule, you have to send a save-the-date invitation around six to eight months before the actual party. If you send it too early, the guests may forget about it. If you send it too late, it might actually be a formal invitation, and not a save-the-date invite.

To whom do we send the save-the-dates?

You don’t have to send save-the-dates to people you don’t plan to invite in the end. From the term itself, you’re basically asking the people to save that particular date, so that they can attend your party. It’s no use to send a save-the-date invitation to people you don’t want to see during your event.

What details should we include?

You should include when and where and what time the event will be. This will give the guests a chance to plan ahead—take a leave if your event is out of town. Of course, don’t forget the name/s of the those throwing the event. You may also include a website of your party—a wedding website, for example—though this is not required or necessary.

Can save-the-dates be electronically mailed?

It’s really up to you, as the host, to send the save-the-dates in whatever form you feel will suit your resources. But remember, older guests may not necessarily have email addresses or they may not regularly check their emails. If you want, you can send a digital save-the-date to your younger guests and send a printed version to your older guests.

Do we need to add “and guest” on the save-the-dates?

Even if it’s still early, you have to be clear about who’s invited to the event. Include the names of the people you’re inviting on the save-the-dates. Is your cousin’s new boyfriend or your three-year-old nephew included in the guest list? It’s better to be clear about all these things, so you can avoid confusion and unnecessary questions once the formal invites are ready to be sent out.