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Planning a Party: Who are You Going to Invite?

Now that everything is set, all that’s left are the guests to fill your venue. When inviting guests, it is better not to stick with one circle of friends. Diversify and sort your guest listing.

Not only does this make your party alive, it keeps you busy and occupied during the event. You get to see how your two sets of friends mingle together and how their interests align with each other and to yours.

A guest will feel good about himself when he goes home having made new acquaintances. With that in mind, who are the ideal guests that should make it to your list and who shouldn’t?

The Cool Ones and the Boring Ones

Successful parties are the ones where everyone goes home happy and entertained. You have a great venue, an awesome theme, and the food is delicious. But this isn’t enough.

Guests that know how to mingle with everyone lights up the entire room. They know how to keep the party alive, and they always have interesting subjects up for conversation.

On the other hand, never invite someone with a dull personality. You are not a mean person if you crush them out of your guest list because you’re the host and they should know why no one wants to hang out with them. Not unless if it’s your close friend, your brother, or mother because it’s an obligation to invite them.

Remember, never pick too many boring guests because they’re just going to sit the entire evening and won’t participate in any of the activities you prepared.

Your Best Friend and Your Arch-nemesis

It’s an unwritten rule that friends should be invited at your parties and not to mention keeping your best friends as VIPs. They are the moving decorations of your party as who your friends are reveal a part of you. Your personality and brand radiate through them.

Other guests will know a bit about yourself when they look at your friends. They also help you out with planning a party, preparation, and cleaning things up. Basically, they got your back for the whole event.

Don’t invite the ones you don’t like or despise you. It’s your night, you deserve a break from all the tension and drama. Be on the look-out because some of them might crash the party and sabotage your hard work and efforts. Don’t worry, they already got what’s coming to them why they didn’t get an invitation.

Your Romantic Partner and Your Ex

It’s all common sense. Why should you put these two under the same roof? Never invite your ex, especially when the two of you haven’t made the “closure talk.”

Your Boss and that Jerky Friend of Yours

As much as we hate our bosses for terrorizing us, they love to be invited in parties too. This is a good thing though as your boss will get to know more a bit about who you are. And who knows, you might win his favor, and your work load will never be as horrible as it was, And not to mention that promotion.

When you risk of inviting your boss, keep your jerky friends out. No exceptions. Their horrible habits and personality might get your boss thinking if you’re the same. Besides that, never invite jerks at all. They tend to ruin everything, they set the conversation sour, and they stir trouble, even if they don’t intend to.

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Best Colors to Use for Parties

When planning a party, the first thing that should come to mind is coming up with a theme. The theme sets the personality of the event, and it captures a certain era, vibe, or feeling. You can have a fantasy themed party, horror, something chic, or whatever your mind conjures up. Themes will always be present on any party, and this is a question a party-planner constantly asks. “What is the theme?”

Once you’ve decided a theme, your motif should follow. A motif includes colors and patterns that should be present in your venue. Although to some, it might seem not a big deal, but well-planned parties really show. Your guests will remember anything you decorate in your party. If they like what they see, they will surely come back the next time you plan an event without hesitation, and a good or bad party will always go around town.

Colors are a great influence in a person’s mood. This rule applies to parties as well. For example, if you choose a gothic theme, go for colors that are strong and dark such as red and black. Never opt for something light like white, or yellow as this defeats the purpose of the theme. If you’re going for something elegant and regal, go for colors that denote royalty. Gold, silver, violet, and anything metallic and radiant like jewels fit the description. In a kid’s party, pastel colors work best as it denotes something vibrant, fresh, and young. These are also perky colors, similar to how children should be.

One thing to note when it comes to choosing colors to use for parties is to stick to the theme. Imagine a nature-themed party with inorganic and unnatural colors. It will be confusing to your guests as the theme tells a story contradicting to the motif. One good advice is to be as minimalistic as possible. In color picking, don’t even dare to try to put the entire color scheme into one motif. Two is fine, three is better, and four is best. It really depends. Just make sure that it’s not in contrast with each other. You can try three shades of blue cascading to each other. Never pair violet with red, or yellow with blue.

Another thing, white and black are neutral colors. It means that they go well with any color. So it’s practically safe to set it as the base color along with other colors that are in harmony with each other.

Not everyone is gifted with the art of color combination. So if you’re unsure with yourself, always seek for consultation and ask for suggestions from your friends who you find are good with these. You can also seek a reference through the Internet as this is the most direct and easy way to access the millions of opinions and ideas from people all over. However, if you’re still indecisive with things, you can always contact a professional party-planner or simply a designer as they can help in perceiving your ideas and encapsulating them into colors.