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Tips On Creating A Good Party Playlist

What’s a party without the right kind of music? If you’re having a wine party, make sure to have some jazz in your playlist. If it’s a party for teenagers, you better have some pop music in that list. Remember, your party playlist can make or break your event. Make sure it’s not too sappy or not too loud that your guests won’t be able to hear each other. The best music is when it’s just right and doesn’t need to be the center of attention.

To make sure that your little shindig is fun, you also need the right equipment. Sure, you have the right playlist, but do you have the speakers or the amplifiers for it? Will your music players or your laptop be able to play the list? Aside from the music equipment, make sure your lights will fit the music you’re going to play. You can’t play rock and roll with yellow twinkling lights as your décor. You can opt for the SHYU Bluetooth Smartphone Controlled RGB Color Changing LED Strip if you’re into some pop culture vibe.

For the meantime, here are some tips on how to create the perfect music playlist:

Don’t Use the Shuffle Button

The key to making a good music playlist is to make sure that the songs you’re going to choose are going to play well right one after the other. You cannot go sappy on one tune and then happy on the next. There needs to be a consistency on how these songs are lined up together. That being said, you certainly cannot use the shuffle button because this will blow up the whole idea.

Make Sure the Playlist Will Last

Make a playlist that will last for three hours of the party. You don’t want the playlist to end too soon that your guests are hearing the songs over and over again. You don’t want it to be too long that some of the guests have missed out on the songs you have chosen.

Consider Your Guests and Your Location

What vibe are you trying to create for the party? You have the power and the control over the vibe, tempo, and theme of the music. If you are trying to create an atmosphere where your guests can talk, you need to choose some jazz, downtempo electronica, or acoustic classics. If you are hosting a Christmas party, holiday tunes are in order. Is it a dance party? Then, the top 40 hits on your list should be good enough to dance to.

Mix Things Up

Surprise people with the variety of your music list. You cannot go three hours with all hip-hop music. You can throw in some sappy sentimental songs and classical music into the fray, so you can keep the guests excited about what’s next to come from your list. Don’t forget that you also be a little cheesy and play some pop classics such as songs from Britney Spears, Spice Girls, Madonna, Michael Jackson, and the like. Their songs are always guaranteed to make everyone feel good about the night. They may even sing and dance along with these songs.