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Top 10 Party Favors for Adults

Why would you ever want to become a kid again when being an adult is way better and cooler? Yes, we always remind ourselves that kids don’t have to pay the bills but hey, can they drink wine and Mojitos after a long day at work or school?

Here are our favorite party favors for adults, which you can give as a party favor or just to tap a friend’s back for surviving through a hellish week:

1. Relaxing Spa Set

Everyone needs to reconnect with nature once in a while. A spa is the closest we can get to nature. Just pour in a lavender-scented bath oil in the tub and soak in it for an hour. It refreshes just about anyone, making a spa gift set the perfect party favor.

2. A Box of Tobacco

If it’s allowed and you have the money for it, you can even make it Cuban tobaccos, which they say are some of the finest in the world. Make sure to put these inside their special casing because the wooden box alone is a gift.

3. Personalized Wine/Cocktails Glasses

You can score a set of unbreakable stemless wine glasses for only $21.99. These stylish wine glasses are shatterproof, but are clear and fine as those made from crystal. You can personalize them with your friends’ names.

4. Mini Candy Dispensers

Who said candies are only for the kids? Candies are the quintessential of human life. It’s hard to survive a day without popping a chocolate candy in your mouth. A dispenser will surely be appreciated.

5. Plain Wooden Boxes with Names

Adults have all kinds of knick-knacks to put into these boxes. They can use it for their accessories like jewelry, watches, pins, and even mobile chargers. Any organizational materials would surely be loved and appreciated. If you personalize the wooden boxes, then they’ll probably put more valuable items in it.

6. Personalized Notepads and Gift Cards

Personalized items are always a favorite party favor because they just speak highly about the hosts. It shows that the hosts of the party thought much about how the guests will feel appreciated. Notepads and gift cards are useful because they can be used at work or even in personal correspondences.

7. Asian Sandalwood Fans

Perfectly usable during the summer season, sandalwood fans are great party favors because they are unique and functional.

8. Scented Candles

These are especially favored by the vast majority of women, though there are some guys, too, who love the calming effect of scented candles at home. After a very long and tiring day at work, don’t you just love to arrive in a lavender-scented bedroom?

9. Locally-Grown Coffee Beans

No one can survive the harsh realities of life without a cup of brewed coffee in the morning. Adults love receiving locally-grown coffee beans, especially when the party was held out of town or overseas. The bag of coffee beans is a reminder of that special day.

10. Pastries

Although they are consumable and would be gone in less than 60 seconds (thus, defeating the purpose of “party favors”), many still prefer to hand over beautifully-designed cupcakes and cookies to their guests. After all, sweets and pastries are classics. You can never go wrong.

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3 Potential Dangers of Offering Fidget Spinners as Party Favors

Fidget spinners are popular nowadays especially to kids. Oftentimes, because they are popular, cheap and easy to pack, they are offered as party favors. However, there is also a growing alarm over the potential dangers that these toys can cause.

Forbes recently pointed out the fidget spinner hazards that are often overlooked. Below are the top three possible problems caused by these toys:

1. Chocking Hazard

Choking is one of the major causes of deaths in children. Unfortunately, some of these popular toys have been attributed to mortality in kids.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has already warned people about it. They recommended makers of fidget spinners to include warning labels in their products because children three to six might swallow small parts or portions of the toys that have the tendency to break off.

The source said two cases have been listed by the organization related to this matter. One involves a 10-year-old who accidentally swallowed a part of the toy when she placed it in her mouth while cleaning it. Another was a five-year-old boy who proceeded to put the object in his mouth despite his mother’s warning. Both survived the ordeal after a surgery.

2. Sharp Edges

US Toy Standard added that some fidget spinners being sold without undergoing quality check may have uneven or sharp edges. These will likely cause minor, serious or fatal cuts.

3. Poisonous Substances

The article cautions too about fidget spinners that have poisonous chemicals mixed in them like mercury or lead. Mercury, lead or other harmful elements have the tendency to cause serious illness or even death. The substances may result to long term health problems too.

The post specifically warned readers against buying fidget spinners with lights. Sure, they may be visually-attractive and fun to play, but the button batteries fitted in them can be harmful if exposed to the skin or even deadly when ingested unintentionally.


The writer advises readers to follow these tips when offering fidget spinners as party favors and when letting kids play them:

1. Buy From a Reliable Seller

Only buy from sellers legally-authorized to sell fidget spinners. Don’t just go buying them from anyone else. Chances are, you might be exposing kids to harm if you come across defective products. See the label that comes in the package of the toy and the name of its maker. There should be badges as well that indicate whether they have been created in compliance to the regulations provided by federal laws.

2. Check for Quality

Make sure to check the quality of the toy before purchasing it or giving it to kids. Examine the material used in the product. Then check for sharp edges and breakable parts. If the fidget spinner uses a button battery, make sure it is locked in place properly and sealed within a battery compartment.

3. Avoid Giving It to Children Under Three

Fidget spinners should not be given to children under three in any circumstances. There are a lot of more suitable toys appropriate for their age.

4. Children Three to Six Must Play It Under Adult Supervision

Accidents happen like the ones discussed here. Make sure that children will not put the toy in their mouths.

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5 Reasons Not to Give Away Birthday Party Favors Anymore

Birthday party favors have become a staple. Whenever there’s a birthday, expect your kids to be bringing home a goody bag packed with candies, chocolates and very small toys.

While this has been a norm—and I confess that I am one of those who offer birthday party favors—some parents advise against them. Based on my readings and asking other parents about it, these are the 5 reasons they told me why we should not consider giving away birthday party favors anymore.

1. “They Add to the Budget.”

Having a birthday party will let you spend on the cake, other foods, drinks and balloons. In some cases, you might even consider renting a venue to save you from the trouble of cleaning up the mess if the party was held in your home. Add to that the pay when hiring performers or a host if you wish to make the event really fun. Offering birthday party favors will just bloat your expenses, especially when you have a lot of guests.

2. “Some children will not appreciate what’s inside anyway.”

Some children may have already received the same toys you have put in their party bags or the content may not be appealing to them. In the end, not only will you disappoint them, but chances are, your party favor might only hit the trash can once they arrive in their homes.

3. “It is unhealthy.”

Other parents, particularly the health conscious ones, dread those small candies and chocolates packed in their children’s party favors. As we all know, too much of these sweets can result to toothaches or if the child has a pre-existing health condition such as diabetes, it could definitely cause harm to them.

4. “Small contents can potentially cause harm.”

Among the all-too-familiar stuff we see in our kid’s party favors are those small toys, keychains or the ever-popular fidget spinners. You should be very careful when putting them in your take home bags. Some toys contain small parts that can lead to choking, which is one of the primary causes of deaths in small children. Then others that haven’t undergone proper quality control or were made without compliance to federal regulations may contain chemical substances which may cause illnesses or fatality. Moreover, there are toys with sharp or uneven edges that can result to minor or serious cuts.

5. “They will just add up to waste.”

Last but not least, parents usually find the small candies, chocolates and miniature toys scattered over their kids’ rooms or in the living room. In the end, these will just find their way into the belly of a vacuum cleaner and eventually into the garbage bin.

My Thoughts

Many parents, including me, still believe that birthday party favors are essential. Majority of the parents I talked with about the matter said that children deserve goody bags as they won’t be little kids forever.

Perhaps one way to avoid having your kid’s birthday party favor turning up into trash as soon as the guest brings it home is to provide them with useful stuff. Go for the educational toys or those that hone their skills like Rubik’s Cube, mini-books or other art supplies.