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5 Effective Ways To Deal With People Who Are Glued On Their Smartphones During Parties

We’ve seen this before, whether you’re a host or a guest in a party: guests with their faces glued on their smartphones to check their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts. Or worse, guests who constantly take photos of the bride walking down the aisle, effectively obscuring the view of the groom or the actual photographer.

How did we come to this? Can you still remember the time when we can all go to dinner without taking out our phones and taking photos of the food we’re about to eat? How many times do you have to take a shot of a dish before actually diving into it? We have become so accustomed to being connected with each other that it’s hard to think about not checking our smartphones every minute.

Still, when you’re hosting a party, it can be quite annoying to see your guests checking their phones every second and browsing random Facebook and Twitter posts. Here are five ways on how to deal with these people:

1. Put the Rule on Your Invitation

Make sure that your guests know in advance that your party is gadget-free, so they can plan accordingly. Or if you cannot put it on the invitation, you can make a quick announcement at the start of the event or during the toast using your Michley unbreakable wine glass. Ask the guests nicely to “unplug” for the evening and enjoy the night hanging out with their friends and acquaintances in the old-fashioned way.

2. Do Not Invite Them Again

Since it’s rude to tell them off during the party itself, you can just make a mental note never to invite them again for your next event. Although it’s a rude behavior to check their smartphones constantly during an event, it’s more rude to comment on it. Biting your tongue isn’t easy, but it’s the right thing to do.

3. Turn It Into a Game

Phone stacking is now a thing. This refers to people at the dinner table putting their phones in the middle of the table or somewhere near. The first person to reach for his/her phone (unless in emergency situations), will have to pay the total dinner bill. It’s a good way to test the patience and the discipline of everyone in your group, and have them pay for it if they’re not willing to play fair.

4. Ask a Direct Question

If you are really being bothered by someone checking his/her phone constantly, you can post a direct question to that person and pull him/her back to the party. Maybe that person feels out of place at the party? You can talk with that person instead and make small conversations, so that he/she can feel part of the party.

5. Make a Joke About It

Assuming you want to remain friends with these people, you should never reprimand them about using their phones during the party. Instead, you can make a joke about it. For example, you can send a message to their number with a simple joke. They’ll surely get the message.

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Top 5 Ways on How to Break Into High Society Parties

Most of us dream about getting into high society parties. Well, who could refuse attending an event with their celebrity idols and all-too-important people in our society anyway?

Recently, I dug into the archives of Sun Sentinel and uncovered an article related to this subject dating back to 1988, which was made by the late Martha Gross who dedicated her career in covering the thrilling lives of the privileged people in our society.

I have streamlined the information gathered to feature these five things that you must do if you wish to land into one of the high society parties.

1. Get a Mentor

The best and fastest way to get yourself into those events is to have a mentor who will guide you through. There are actually people who make a living as social movers. Those persons will introduce you to the famous people in your community, which will be your ticket to entering into high society gatherings.

2. Be Active in Community Gatherings

Hiring a mentor could be expensive. An alternative for you is to get yourself to join important community gatherings. You have high chances of meeting people with high status in church assemblies and charity events.

Just make sure though that you show the most pure intentions of joining the said meetings. Don’t be there merely to suck your way up to those people as they will likely notice your intent right away and you will certainly lose your chances of getting into their good graces.

If you are not comfortable with the idea of joining church and charity events, there are always alternatives. You could take part in recreational or sporting events joined by a high society member.

3. Answer Invitations Promptly

If you are lucky enough to get invited into high society parties, respond right away. This is especially true with RSVP invitations. You have to answer it within 24 hours and never put “Maybe” in it. Tell straight if you are going or not.

4. Always Be Mindful of Your Words and Actions

Earlier we have discussed the 10 ways on how to behave in a party as a guest. Make sure you keep in mind the Do’s and Dont’s presented there. Always arrive on time, be nice, dress properly, mingle well, mind your table manners, assist in the event, avoid gossips and bringing up sensitive issues, do not leave so soon, and always thank the hosts for inviting you.

Another thing you should note is to never push your way into a party if you are not invited. There will always be a next time anyway where you will finally have your chance to join. Forcing your way in will not only gain the ire of the organizers and guests but you will also be blacklisted in other events.

5. Live Within the High Society Ranks

If you have a lot of money to spare, buy a home within the neighborhood of high society members. In that way, you will have a lot of ways and chances to interact with them or to the people who will later introduce you to them.