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3 Creative Ways To Invite People Over For An Easter Brunch Party

Easter Sunday is looming which means right after we observe our faith on Maundy Thursday and Black Friday, we can begin getting ready for a traditional Easter brunch party. Are you tasked to host this year’s Easter brunch? Is this your first time? Are you pressured because the past hosts have been excellent at prepping food, decorating their homes, and finding creative ways to invite people to their brunch?

Don’t fret. We’re here to tell you one thing: Easter brunch is all about gathering together to enjoy the end of a long break (for many Christian faithful) and enjoying the food prepared by a gracious and generous host. If your invitees are people who are dear to you and who love you, they won’t mind even if you just serve them deviled eggs. They’re going to love your company, no matter what.

1.Put the Invitations Inside an Easter Egg

If you want to be extra creative in inviting people over for Easter party, you can buy Easter egg containers from your local party supply store. You can then print out invitations from your home printer, roll them up really tiny, and put them inside the Easter eggs. You’ll find these Easter egg containers from party supply and toy stores. They are the same plastic eggs that our kids love to play with. Aside from the invitation, you can fill up the containers with glitters or potpourri or shredded crepe paper. You can be as creative as you want and people will appreciate the energy and effort you put into the invites.

2. Tell It with Easter Bunny Chocolates

Are your invitees sweet-toothed? You can send over chocolate Easter bunnies and stick the invitation with a ribbon to it. This is also a great way to give a present to your friends and families, especially those who won’t likely be able to attend the brunch party. Though they’ll feel bad to miss out on your Easter host duties, they’ll love the idea of still getting a little something from you. If you’re good at baking, you can make bunny cupcakes, too, and put the invitation right smack in the middle of the cake. Imagine just how surprised your guests would be to bite on the cupcake and find an invitation just lounging around in chocolate goodness.

3. Use Social Media

Okay, if you don’t have the time to be creative with your chocolates, cupcakes, and Easter eggs, you can always just make a digital invitation and post it on social media. If you’re wary about other people finding out about your party, make sure the event is private and that no other people can see it except those who have been invited. You can post updates about the party on the page to keep your potential guests abreast about what’s happening. If you’re having a potluck party, the page is also going to be a great venue where everyone can share what they’re bringing so no one brings the same dish. Facebook, of course, is the easiest and most comfortable platform to use for inviting guests.

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Successfully Throwing A Memorable Bridal Shower Party For Your Friend

A bridal shower is a fun and celebratory party for someone who’s going to tie the knot soon. It is usually thrown by the bride’s maid of honor, though it is also customary these days for the bride’s family to host the party. This is also a practical opportunity for guests and the bride’s friends and families to shower her with attention, pamper her, and give her presents.

Are you a maid of honor planning a bridal shower for your sister, cousin, friend, or relative? Before planning a party in honor of the bride, you must first ask the bride if she wants to have one. Some brides are uncomfortable about having a party thrown in their honor because they feel greedy asking their friends to buy gifts for them or shell out money for the party. Some also don’t like the attention because they feel smothered.

If the bride says yes and she wants to have a bridal shower, then, by all means, go and throw a party for her before she leaves the single life. You can either surprise her with a bridal shower or you can let her know that you’re throwing a party. Either way, you’re going to have to spend a little more money than a simple dinner would require from you.

Choose the Guests

Who should you invite for the party? You need to know from the bride who she wants to see during her bridal shower. If it’s not a surprise party, then she will be willing to disclose the information to you.

However, the problem is if it’s a surprise party. How would you know who she likes to see there? Well, this is where the groom must come in. Since the bride is spending her time with him for the wedding preparations, he has the perfect opportunity to ask the bride about her “dream bridal shower.” He can share this information with you and you will have to directly contact each individual.

Decide Who Pays for the Party

Normally, it is the maid of honor who pays for the whole party. That is if it’s a casual party and only appetizers and some drinks will be served. But if it’s a more formal and lavish party, the maid of honor can ask the rest of the guests to pay for their own food and drinks. The guests can even be asked to bring a present from the bride, either from the registry created by the bride or something they think the bride will like.

Pick the Time and Place

If there are plenty of out-of-town guests, then the bridal shower must be held closer to the wedding date when everyone is in town already. But remember not to hold it too close to the actual date because that will add more stress for the bride.

She must be relaxing and having a massage days before the wedding date. Holding the bridal shower six to eight weeks before the wedding date is usually a good rule of thumb. It adds anticipation but it does not stress the bride.

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Things To Consider During Food Tasting For A Party

What’s a party without stacks and stacks of food for your guests to devour? The best parties are always those with great food and drinks. Think about any parties you have attended. What stands out the most about them? What will remind you about a wedding party, for example? Aside from the overall look of the venue, the food will always be the measurement of how successful a party has become. If the guests can remember the food because it floored them then trust us, you have just hosted one hell of a party.

Before you can begin imagining serving your guests with tasty food, all will have to start with choosing the right caterer for your party. One of the things you have to do before agreeing to enter into a contract with a caterer is a food tasting. You have to know which dishes to serve and if they taste good at all.

The Presentation

How do you want to serve your food? Is it going to be a sit-down dinner or is it going to be buffet style? A sit-down dinner would be more expensive because the caterer has to deploy a lot more servers. On the other hand, a buffet-style party is more informal but less expensive because there will be a minimal need for servers. This will all depend on your party and how formal or informal it is. Formal events would always choose a sit-down dinner while less formal events would go for the buffet-style dinner since their guests can come back for serving after serving.

But even if it’s going to be a buffet-style party, it’s important that the food will be presented beautifully on the plate. Remember that we are visual people and before anything else, we will eat with our eyes. We will first devour the details of the dish with our eyes. That was the first step. Once this hurdle has been solved, the only thing you would have to worry about is marketing your business on social media.

Speaking of social media, the reason why you need to plate and present the food well is because people like taking photos of the food they eat. They then upload those photos on social media where they will likely be seen by the same people who could be in your target market.

The Taste

Of course, the taste of the food is the most critical aspect of preparing and organizing a party. Your guests will be talking about the food, possibly for days, if it’s extremely bad or extremely good. What you don’t want is to fall on the extremely bad and mediocre. You need to focus on providing your guests the best hors d’oeuvres they can possibly imagine. You need to wow them the first moment they take a bite of that salmon toast.

Hands down, the best thing you could offer your guests during a party is to serve them great food. They will leave your party full and satisfied with what they had. And knowing that will give you a sense of confidence in your ability to organize an event.

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Should You Hire A Band Or DJ For Your Party?

Can’t decide yet who should play at your party? Finding the right music maker for your party is a tough job because music can make or break an event. Before signing that contract and entering into an agreement with either a live band or DJ, make sure you have read this little guide we prepared for you.

Start by asking yourself the basic questions: What type of entertainment suits your personality and your event? How much money do you have for the entertainment portion of the program? Is your venue going to allow a full-set band to play? Will your guests appreciate the appearance of either a live band or a DJ?

Vibe and Theme of the Party

The type of music you will choose will set the tone for your party. This will also solidify the theme and bring all the elements of the party together to form one cohesive message. Music will be the one thing that people will remember about your event. Perhaps, except for the food, of course. What musical genre best describes the event? Is it old love songs? Is it indie rock? Is it a romantic string quartet? If you want the dance-your-booties-til-midnight kind of thing, you might be better off with a DJ who can mix and match the proper dance sequences for your group. On the other hand, you could choose a live band that will entertain your guests with their beautiful voices and their showmanship.

Variety of Songs

Whether you’ll have a DJ or a live band, one thing is for sure: you have to mix the songs you want to play during the event—don’t cluster old songs together. Rather, make sure that band or the DJ plays a mix of old and new, so they can reach more to your audience and encourage all guests, young and old alike, to hit the dance floor.


DJs are generally less expensive than hiring a live band. Of course, the price of their service still vary depending on the equipment they would use and the number of hours they will render. On the other hand, a band is more expensive simply because there are more people that compose a band. The price for bands varies by the number of musicians, the amount of time you want them to perform, and the day of the week and the time of the year. During holiday seasons, prices are generally higher.


Even if you have the money to hire a 10-piece band, one of the considerations you need to make is the space. Does your reception venue have space for 10 musicians and their instruments? Do they restrict the number of performers per party? Are there any electrical outlets that the musicians can use to plug in their equipment? Some registered landmarks don’t allow the use of large speakers, so it is better to confirm this first with your venue manager. We’re sure that with the right negotiating tactics, you can eventually get what you want.

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Tips on Properly Choosing Party Invitations

One of the things we have to focus on when organizing a party is the invitations that we have to send. If we decide to send printed party invitations, that means we have to choose a design, a template, an overall theme, and the wording to make the invitations stand out and appear well-presented. While a lot of organizers don’t think invitations are important to any party, they are dead wrong.

This is the first thing that your guest will receive from your party. The invitation is where they will be getting the information from like where the party will be held, what time it will start, and how formal it is.

This is especially important in communicating the “theme” of the party. If the invitation is very formal, your guests will know that they should come either in a cocktail dress or in black tie (of course, this would be indicated on the “attire” part of the invitation). However, if the invitation is leaning on becoming casual and relaxed, then a nice party dress and slacks and polo (no tie) will do good, too.

Focus on the Theme and Motif of the Party

Your party may not exactly have a specific theme, but there should be a motif in terms of colors. What colors are you going to use for the linens and the overall stage design? What colors would the flowers be? What colors will be hanging from the ceiling or used as accents on the walls?

You may not be focused too much on the theme of the party but surely, there would be dominant colors there. These are the same colors that you should use for the invitations. You should also decide whether to make the invitations formal and elegant or a bit casual and relaxed.

Choose the Wording Carefully

This is the most important aspect in the creation of an invitation. Make sure there is no ambiguous information there so your guests will know exactly where, when, and what is being celebrated. Choose the wording carefully because you don’t want to send the wrong message to your guests.

Before finalizing and printing out the invitations, double check for any spelling and grammar errors. Do you know how expensive it is to reprint invitations? That would be a catastrophe.

Print the Invitations on Time

Finally, make sure that the process it takes for you to finalize the invitations are compliant with the schedule you have. The invitations must be sent out at least one month before the party. That gives your guests enough time to fix their schedule and even take leave from work (if they have to).

If you are going to print the invitations belatedly, you might as well not send them at all because what use would be receiving an invitation if the guests won’t have enough time to decide whether to go or not? The timing of mailing out the invitations is very important, so make sure you send the final version to the printers on time.

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7 Healthy Foods to Serve During a House Party

What do you usually serve during a simple house party with friends and family? It doesn’t matter whether you’re celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, or the annual Christmas dinner, a house party with your close friends and family is something you’ll always look forward to.

If you’re a gourmet chef, that’s well and good for you. That means you have all the ideas in the world to make healthy and yummy concoctions that your guests will enjoy. But for those who are a little challenged in the kitchen but would like to prepare something healthy for their guests, here’s a simple guide that can help you whip up the perfect healthy party food spread.

1. Stuffed Mushrooms

Those cute button mushrooms don’t have exciting flavors of their own, so you’ll have to do the work to actually make them stand out. A simple recipe would involve chopping some of the mushrooms together with onions and cheese and stuffing them inside the mushroom caps or heads before popping them in the oven. You may drizzle them with olive oil or with bread crumbs before baking.

2. Smoked Salmon on Toast

This is probably the easiest finger food you can make. It’s tasty and healthy at the same time. If you don’t have time to toast your bread, you may even put the smoked salmon on top of crackers. All you have to do is go to the local market and buy a pack of smoked salmon. Slice them up and put them on top of the crackers together with some arugula, black olives, and honey mustard sauce.

3. Artichoke Cheese Dip

This may not be the healthiest option on this list, but if you choose the low-fat kind of cheese, you’ll most likely enjoy this guilt-free. Just throw in artichokes and low-fat cream cheese in the blender together with some salt, pepper, and lemon juice. Blitz them all together and serve them with different kinds of crackers.

4. Bowl of Nuts

What could be the easiest healthy finger food but nuts? Just throw some almonds, cashews, pistachios, etc. together in a bowl and put the bowls in strategic places around the house. That way, no matter where your guests are, there is always something they can munch on.

5. Crab Cakes

The fact that most crab cakes are fried would make the health buffs frown, but there’s a way to make these healthier. Instead of deep frying them, you can pop them in the oven or better yet, air fry them. That will take away all the unhealthiness from a deep-fried crab cake. You can make a spicy dip for the side, so people can enjoy the contrast of that tangy and spicy flavor.

6. Lettuce Cups

What’s great about lettuce cups is that they’re filling and healthy at the same time. Just break off some lettuce leaves and make sure they have enough depth to hold the fillings. Put these on a plate and fill them up with your choice of either sautéed beef, chicken, or tofu.

7. Salad

Of course, we cannot talk healthy without putting salad in the mix. Just toss together lettuce (any kind), tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, onions, and dressing together.

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How to Party Like a VIP Even on a Budget

Do you often ogle at your friends’ Facebook photos showing how they partied like celebrities in an ultra elite club lately? Do you stalk strangers on Instagram just to have a feel of how it’s like to rub elbows with the rich and famous? Do you often feel left out because you don’t have the money to go to these exclusive bars and clubs?

Believe it or not, the majority of people you see on these parties do not even have to spend a single dime to enjoy themselves. They were there because they were asked to be there. They don’t have to pay for anything because their presence is enough payment for their glass of drinks and food.

Here are ways to party like a VIP even if you have a limited budget:

1. Be a Part of the Industry

The people you see in these ultra exclusive parties have a common denominator. They all work in the industry—food, music, entertainment, media, etc. These are the jobs whose people are those that bars and pubs are after. If they want their parties to have the right people, they have to invite the people from these industries. If you work in one of these industries, you will most likely have access to parties because you would have friends and acquaintances in bars and clubs.

2. Attend the Events

If you just attend even one party (with or without having to pay), you’ll most likely receive an invitation for the next one and the next one after that. Attending the first party is a lot like making an investment. You invest your time and energy making friends and talking with the right people, so you can have access to the next parties on their calendars. Make the most out of that first party. Don’t be shy and mingle with the right crowd.

3. Make Yourself Relevant

In order to be a part of the VIP list, you have to make yourself indispensable to the party. It’s either you work in the same industry or you create a name for yourself out of it. For example, you can become a fashion blogger and create a following that’s the same as the target market of these parties you want to attend. If you are relevant enough in social media (a travel blogger will most likely receive an invitation), these bars and clubs will come knocking on your door for a chance to be featured in your blog.

4. Be Friendly to the Wait Staff

Who do you have to go through before being allowed to enter a club or a bar? It’s the receptionist out front, right? This person has the power to say yes or no to those who want to enter the event. If you are friendly enough or maybe even a generous tipper, the receptionist will remember you and will be lenient enough to allow you to enter the bar even if you are not part of the VIP list. At the end of the day, the people at the front desk have the power to control who gets in and who doesn’t.

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Practical and Useful Gifts to Give During a Kid’s Birthday Party

The birthday party of your friend’s kid is fast approaching, and your friend is giving out hints on receiving amazing gifts. It’s a lot of pressure and stressful, which we totally understand.

There are a lot of ways to make a child happy depending on his or her age. Giving gifts is a must, especially if they are still so young because material things—mostly toys—make them jump with joy.

But is it really practical to give a toy as a birthday gift? Some would say it’s a waste since he or she is going to outgrow it anyway. If you are torn between one gift and another, then perhaps we could offer our assistance with these practical and useful gift ideas for a kid’s birthday party.

1. Educational Toys

Now this, is a clever exemption. Even if you know that your friend’s kid is going to outgrow this, you know your money is on the right investment. Educational toys differ from every age and you can find lots of it in the market. Take for example, a baking set, a doctor’s equipment set, and more.

These kind of gifts stimulate a child’s brain therefor improving how they think. At a young age, they will be able to distinguish which equipment is good for this kind of activity.

2. Wardrobe Two or Three Sizes Bigger

Yes, wardrobes can be outgrown, but not if you go two or three sizes bigger. Children grow so fast. Practical moms out there buy minimal baby clothes because they know that babies will surely outgrow them in a month.

Going two sizes bigger means the child can wear it when he or she is a little older. This will help Mom and Dad to save when it comes to shopping new clothes.

3. Art Tools

Art tools such as crayons, drawing or coloring books are great gifts. Children at the age of two can appreciate bright colors and if you expose them to colors and shapes at an early age, they will be one step ahead than any other kid.

There are a lot of drawing and coloring books out there that fit every age. From here, each parent may be able to discover if their kid has a potential to be an artist in the future.

4. A Pet

At the young age of five, children respond to animals like birds, fishes, and most especially dogs. If you are a parent or someone who likes to give gifts that are really extra nice, buy the kid an animal.

Puppies will grow and become dogs and they will grow with the child. Animals have a special way of interacting with children making them look at life in a positive manner. They will grow up knowing that animals are meant to be taken cared of and not abused plus it will help them become more responsible.

5. Diapers, Baby Food, and Other Consumables

Diapers, baby food, and other kinds of consumables are a great gift too. Aside from helping the parents save up, they also benefit the baby. Buy several packs of diapers, a box of baby food, milk, and other kinds of consumables that are usually used by the baby.

For sure, the parents will be so thankful because it is a big help for them. When it comes to baby food, make sure that what you bought from the store is nutritious.

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5 Best Party Themes for Millennials

Gone were the days of the Generation X. The millennials have now risen and they are starting trend after trend. Therefore, it is important to know the best party themes for millennials.

They live a fast paced life, they rely mostly on their high-tech gadgets, and of course, their styles are just above the roof. One thing they love to do is to socialize and party.

Each individual in this generation live a unique lifestyle that pairs up with their personality. It may be minimalist or rustic, simple or lavish. Either way, the way they celebrate is way more different than how we used to before. They mostly stick to themes and start from there. They have themes for office parties, get togethers, and more.

If you are planning a party in the days to come, then this article is for you.

1. Outdoor Rustic Theme

Nothing beats an outdoor feel paired with a warm and cozy atmosphere. It gives you a sensual and homey feeling. The rustic theme, though old and have been practiced for a long time, have captured the attention of millennials. They just take it to a whole new level of course.

A rustic themed party starts with a great location. You can choose an old barn, a family vineyard, or a house near a lake. Vintage light decors and utensils are the go-to for this kind of themes such as the ever popular mason jars, naked cakes, pastel colored napkins and cloths, stringed lights, and if you are a sentimental type, you can even rent a vintage photo booth.

2. Black and White Party

Who could go wrong with the black and white party? Just like the rustic themed party, this one has also been practiced long before the millennials were born. This one is probably the most common party theme ever. This theme is ideal for those who live a minimalist life. It is simple yet elegant.

Most locations chosen for this kind of soiree are rooftops, elegant restaurants, and ballrooms. Champagne is a must. All attendees are dressed to impress. For the ladies, this is your chance to bring out that LBD, and for the gentlemen, a tuxedo.

3. Laid Back Frat Party

Let’s face it, college life was indeed cooler than high school life. Remember your first night when you and your dorm buddies are heading out to those rush parties? This theme is for those who just want to enjoy and not have a care in the world. This fits any budget too because you can always customize.

You can have this in your own home or in a lake house. Beers, beers, and more beers are the standard requirement. Great music played in booming speakers.

The dress code? None. You can practically wear anything, jeans, shirt, converse shoes and you are good to go. You and your friends can play beer pong and dance until the morning comes. Just don’t blame anyone for your hangover the next day.

4. Beach or Hampton Theme

Perfect for spring break or during summer. The beach theme can be considered laid back but if you want to take it up another notch, you can switch to the Hampton Theme. It is formal and quieter. Ready the white and blue colored cloths for the decors. A variety of drinks can be served and waiters holding different appetizers are a must.

5. Retro-Themed Parties

Making the list is the retro party. Though some millennials cringe with the idea of having to party like the 60’s, this theme is still favored by many. This one is common for office parties and for those young ones who just like the fashion and aura of the oldies.

Hippie clothes, check! Booze, and classic music, check! Locations can either be in an open field, or in a ballroom. This maybe different from how millennials live their lives but, rocking a vintage outfit, is part of the game as well, and most of them are always up to the challenge when it comes to dressing up.

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Important Things to Remember When Choosing The Right Party Venue

One of the important things to consider when you are about to host a party is the budget and the location. Of course, how can you expect a party to be successful if you and your visitors are cramped in a bad party venue?

Choosing the right party venue is essential because you want all your guest to enjoy and also feel comfortable. If you have your budget fixed, the next thing to do is to find the ideal location. If you are stressing out about it, then perhaps the tips below can help you out.

1. Budget

Occasions can differ from small gatherings to large and lavish ones. The first and most important thing to do is to get the overall budget you would want to spend for your party. There are a lot of locations that are cheap, but yes, cheap also comes with a price.

Check every corner of the room so that you will know if you are indeed paying what’s worth. Never choose a location just because it saves you pennies. If cheap is your goal, make sure that you are getting more than what you’ve paid for. If you are all about the lavish celebrations and money does not concern you, still, it wouldn’t hurt if you have to check every corner of the room.

2. Theme of the Party

When you are with your party planner or organizer, and he suggests a certain type of venue, envision it being adorned with decor lights or according to your chosen theme. Is the venue too big or to small? Take for example a rustic wedding reception, then perhaps a big barn or a big lake house would be nice. Imagine all the props, flowers, candles, and tables being placed in the space. The theme should always match the venue.

3. Number of Guests

You should always take into consideration the type of party you are hosting. Is it an intimate one or a lavish celebration? Of course, if you are planning a big formal party then choose a big ballroom. You can’t have your guest all cramped up in a small space. Tables and chairs should be well arrange giving your friends and loved ones enough space to socialize and dance.

4. Safety and Location

If you are planning to have a destination wedding, make sure that your guests are well informed when it comes to the location. Is it too far for the majority of your guests or not? Consider the ones who live far away or for those who cannot travel for safety reasons. Find a venue that is safe and danger free. Perhaps one that is closest to a hospital in case of emergencies. Party locations must not be in an isolated area. Always consider you and your guests’ safety.

5. Accommodations and Amenities

The most common amenities are the rest rooms. Every guest will always touch up and use the comfort rooms. Make sure that the venue you choose is equipped with a rest room that is clean and has a good amount of running water. If you choose to rent a ballroom for your soiree then perhaps you could check if it has a good bar for a bartender who is qualified to serve a variety of drinks. If you choose to rent an open rooftop, then consider the establishment’s plan in case a bad weather comes, let’s say a heavy rain.

Sound system must never be forgotten. How can you party if you do not have the right speakers and mic? Make sure that you are getting what you are paying for. All equipment that comes along with the venue must be in good condition.